Wednesday, September 30, 2009

See Change at The Peoria Art Guild Fine Art Fair

If you missed it this missed a lot!
The Peoria Art Guild did it's best to make
the home town artists feel welcome this year!
They also tried to turn all the visitors into artists as well!

I really wanted to participate
in helping paint the interactive mural.
It was FREE to paint a square
that would go up on the wall.
When all the squares were painted
it created a copy of the art selected for this years poster!As you can see below the volunteers
took their responsibilities very seriously and did a great job!

At the other end of the fair was our
"See Change Mural".
Our project is to encourage
our artists and community to come together
in the spirit of collaboration,
not competition
if we want to See Change in Peoria.

The artists were given the guidelines
that each of their paintings must have the color blue
and should show the changes in Peoria past, present or future.
The artists had about 3-4 hours to finish their work
on site during the conference while people
chatted with them about their work!
Tom Warren got to use both days of the
conference to create his 20 foot mural!
Our mural was amazingly well received!!
Just when you think it can't get better...It Does!!

Clare Howard wrote a wonderful article about
Simply Everything Boutique,
the new store Jennifer Slater and I started
at the Shoppes at Grand Prairie,
that came out in Sunday's paper!

James Flanigan got a great surprise when
he showed up to find that
HIS sculpture was featured with a great photo!
We love you Clare!
Then the celebrities started showing up!
There is James with Suzette Boulais of Arts Partners
looking like the rock stars they are!
Suzette is the one who called to ask me
to gather artists together for
the One State in the Arts conference
in June to create art on site
for the participants to
See Change
as they came in and out of their conferences.
Thanks Zet!
Of course I had to race in to get my photo
with the now famous crew as they came in!
Adrienne Risby came by to receive her fan club as well.

Ross Stovall who is generally known for
doing amazing interiors and faux finishes
shows off his painting of
the Spirit of Peoria
that even has glow in the dark lights
on the bridge and boat, just like in real life!
William Butler had to come by
and check out what the buzz was all about
'cause you know he has his finger
on the art pulse there at CAC.
Then the crowds showed up to
ooohhh and aaahhhh
over the amazing artistry
creative collaborative concepts
our mural display.
Check it out! That is Janet Jackson of I Still Believe
and Amanda Haun from the Pere Marquette
where the
One State Conference was held
are chatting with lil' ole me!
Tom Warren seemed to slip by my camera some how,
mostly because he was busy
finding ways to stake the paintings to China
so they didn't move and tie his 20 foot canvas 6 ways from Sunday
and then came to take everything down again!
You can see more of him
and his mural on the Illinois Arts Alliance flickr site.

Here is why you don't see Tom Gross.
He was busy, getting busy and bonding with his painting.
Tom just LLLOOOVVVES his art work and so did the Peoria Art Guild.
Tom had his OWN tent to man with plenty of fans of his own.
Thanks for building those easels. They were a work of art themselves!

Speaking of art again...or still.
Do you want great art at your business, school or public building?
Call me to schedule our mural to be displayed at your venue.
Show your support for collaboration in the arts and the city of Peoria.
See Change- Next Stop- Heartland Partnership!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Too much to talk about

I have so much going on I don't dare wait
to at least list some of them as a reminder for when
I have more time to really give you the full story.
Well, speaking of the full story,
Clare Howard is writing an article about
Simply Everything Boutique

that I hope is going to be in Sunday's paper.
I can't wait to see what she writes about us.
I hope they took pictures of my
hand painted chairs
because they are selling like Halloween hot cakes!
Unfortunately, they are selling so fast I
didn't get a picture of the last 4 or 5 of them.
But, I did get some quick pictures of these!

I am hoping these fun wine purses sell
just as well as the chairs.
Gee, I think these are swell!
Snow Leopard, Hot Pink, Holiday Red
are just a few of the great colors they come in.
What a great hostess gift! They even include the corkscrew.
This sure beats the heck out of being announced
at your next soiree with a brown paper bag in hand!!

I also have a picture of the ffaaaabbbbuuulllooouuusss
necklace Leslie Schenkel lent me
to wear to the Fine Art Fair today.

I got a million great comments and compliments, even from other
glass artists!
This one is still for sale if you can get me to give it back!

I spent the day at the Fine Art Fair,
not just as a patron but as an invited
guest to display our
See Change Mural

for all to enjoy!
The purpose is to not only show off
how great our artists are but to give an
example of what we can do to improve the
city of Peoria if we all pull together
instead of compete.

Come by tomorrow and see our
proud display and say hi to me.
I'll give you a discount coupon for
my art work at SEB if ya do.

This is the first time in 22 years
I WON'T be at Spoon River Drive in Farmington Park.
My sadness was washed
away by the rain as I set up the tent for the
Fine Art Fair on Friday
with my wonderful husband Tracy
and his buddy Jim.

Then again
today when I got a call from
one of my artists saying he was on his way to the show
but had to pull off the road because of the
rain and hail in Metamora as he drove through
I remembered why I am not racing to
Spoon River Drive this year!
Luckily Deb Inman of Little Creek
will be there at Reed Park in Farmington
selling her lotions, candles and soaps and
letting people know I'm not dead yet
(which I am sure is the only reason
they could imagine for me not being there).
Jennifer Slater will be
displaying Scentsy Wickless Candles
in Canton along with a couple of my princess
pieces so those people know I'm around as well.
I'm looking forward to talking
with Amy Lambert of CICreative
about working on future projects together.
Speaking of future projects,
I hear through the grapevine that Arts Partners is going to
be trying to one up themselves after their fine job
on the
One State in the Arts Conference!
Curious? Good!
Check back in for details!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Arts Partners, Peoria Art Guild, Heartland Partnership, Peoria Next

What do these things have in common?
Arts Partners, The Peoria Art Guild, Heartland Partnership and Peoria Next.
Answer: See Change Progressive Mural

I spent the most delightful morning speaking with City Councilman Ryan Spain at the Heartland Partnership offices discussing the possibility of our progressive canvas mural, See Change, finding a temporary home at the Heartland offices and Peoria Next building.

Ryan was delighted that our mural was invited to be part of the Peoria Art Guild's Fine Arts Fair and saw it as a "natural" progression to be able to literally POINT to where it will show next!

While details still need to be worked out, I am confident that you will be seeing our art progressing around town soon!

Thanks to Suzette Boulais of Arts Partners, Jennifer Lee of Peoria Art Guild and Ryan Spain of Heartland Partnership and Peoria Next for working together to help make Peoria See Change!!!
I am so so happy!
Come see us at the Fine Art Fair this weekend and let everyone know how happy you are that we are there!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

We really DO have everything!!!

So, I got moved into my new studio in the back of
Simply Everything Boutique!
I am going to be working the counter a bit more
now that I am there but hopefully I will be
spending a lot of my time painting
wonderful orders for creative clients.
I also plan to continue painting
murals in homes and businesses.
I am looking forward to showing you the
Dome I am painting in the most
beautiful home being built!
For now here are a few pics of the art
IN the store!

This painting is on sale
50% off ONLY for those reading this blog.
Mention you saw the sale here and save $400!!!
A little variety adds some spice to life!

OOOpppsss! Sold.
Order one just how you like
it for only $28.

I have been searching for the best new artists
craftsmen and craftswomen
to add variety to our store
and I am so happy
to announce that
Deb Inman of Little Creek
is making wonderful natural
lotions, oils and candles
for us now.
(And at such amazing prices!!)

I personally love the
caramel nut and frosted pumpkin
scents for fall.

Has anyone besides me been chewed
on by every spider and mosquito on the planet lately?
This anti-itch roll on is fabulous!
It really works!

I've been having such fun with our new customers!
Brooklyn's Bows
is known for her children's accessories
but doesn't this flower look great on
this customer?
Did you notice her finger nails just happened to
be a perfect match to the flower?

This customer was sooooo excited
about the handmade ceramic
tic tac toe games
made by Chuck Flagg
that she ordered 10 more sets
to send as gifts to
Norway and England!
For just $8 a set
they come with all the pieces
AND a cute little carrying bag
that doubles as the board to
play on!
So easy to ship!

Today Vicky came in looking
for a pin to dress up her basic
beautiful black top.
She found the perfect pin
handmade by Ann Pastucha.
This polymer clay design added
the perfect accent that
took her outfit from
plain to eye catching
for just $15!
Okay, I'm going to work on my photography skills.
This picture just does not due justice
to Vicky or the pin.
They are both stunning!
I am soooo proud of our artists.
I hope you come and get to know them all.
If you've had a good time shopping
in our store I would love
for you to share your thoughts
with our fans!
Write a comment here or
send me a note on my
personal Email.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We're In!

I am so proud to announce
that we are going to be showing
our progressive mural
"See Change"
at the
Peoria Art Guild's Fine Art Fair
on the Peoria River Front
Sept. 26 & 27, 2009.
Here is where we will be!
Right under the bridge in a beautiful
shady spot.
Who are WE you ask?
Tom Gross, Adrienne Risby, James Flanigan,
Ross Stovall, Tom Warren and myself
created art on site at the
Pere Marquette this past June,
thanks to Suzette Boulais and Arts Partners
who asked me to gather some of my fine artists
to participate in the
One State in the Arts Conference.

We would love for you to come by, say hi
and announce to the entire Art Guild Staff
how happy you are to see them
support our local artists
at their fabulous art show!!!