Sunday, May 31, 2009

One State in the Arts Conference

If the rest of the Conference is as much fun as the little dinner mini meeting tonight, this is going to be a blast! The bar/restaurant where we met, Eamon Patrick's was GREAT! The food was amazing and the service was like have your mama take great care of you. It's a wonderful family feeling fun partying place. The owner was nice enough to set out a spread (buffet) for us just because Suzette Boulais, our fearless leader, asked her to. They don't usually serve dinner on Sunday but because Zet asked and Mary Ann is such a saint, we got everything we wanted. She even had a bloody Mary buffet bar! HUH!
I can't wait to go back! She said they have music there all the time and they are open really late.
I have to go to bed so I can get up and paint the windows of the Pere Marquette so you know where to find my amazing artists who are creating progressive murals on site during this 2 day conference.
I've met so many fun wonderful people already and we haven't even officially started.
If you aren't signed up yet, to lie and say they must have lost your info and then sign up on site!
This is one not to miss!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Something Unique at Simply Everything Boutique

I have this fabulous art studio in Bartonville where I happily create wonderful hand painted furniture and wall art and what the heck am I doing out at the Shoppes at Grand Prairie? I keep asking myself that but I just can't seem to stop myself!

Jennifer Slater started Simply Everything Boutique as an outlet for home based businesses but once I spent a Saturday out there I've been hooked ever since! The retail bug has bit me yet again. For all of you who don't remember I had Something Unique on the corner of Main and University where One World Coffee is now and Frank Abdnour had The Spotted Cow Ice Cream Parlor right across the street where Avanti's is now. (aaahhhh, memory lane....)
Within 9 months Frank had talked me into starting another place with him on Prospect in Peoria Heights at the big stop sign where Wine Country is now. He had one half, my sister Suza and I had the other. More about the adventures of Amy and Suza in a future blog.
From there I went to wholesale, yada yada...writing books, yada..., commission work, back to retail... to my own studio, so.... why am I out at SEB?
I can't stop myself! I think this store could be a fantastic opportunity for our local arts community to sell their work at a first class retail gallery. This is a work in progress since I am still involved in my non profit groups, happy healers, hypnosis and family as well as being a full time muralist and decor artist.

I am looking to create an artists co-op that shows off a wide variety of our local talent in a unique way. From now until the end of Aug. we will be accepting artists who are interested in being professional and dedicated and sell sell selling!!!
There are a few opportunities for commission work as well.
Rent is only $100 A MONTH! A MONTH! NO rain, no tents, no weekly set up and tear down!
Commission is only 15% for consignment!!!! Due to mall restrictions we are open only Sat and Sunday for now but that is still only $12.50 a day to be in a beautiful retail store!!!!
Too Good to be true you are thinking? What's the catch you are saying?
We want the best of the best. We don't want price to keep great artists from giving this a shot. Sooo.... These prices are good until the end of Aug. Then we renegotiate our lease and decide how many days a week we will be open and all the details that go along with it.
If you want this business opportunity contact me right away!


Phone meetings, bank, to the Studio to paint, One State in the Arts Conference, Miracle Makers, dinner with hubby, to the Studio to paint, Simply Everything Boutique, home, bitch out Lane Bryant's thieving billing department, watch Cav's game, Answer Emails, blog, blog, blog...
What did you do today?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Miracle Making

So- if you are getting this- It's a miracle!
Anyone who knows me, knows I am cyber challenged.
I have been encourage by several several people (which is several squared) to begin a blog because I'm forever sending out millions of Emails. This, hopefully, will help reduce some of that and let everyone know everyone I know.

So now it's time to put you IN THE KNOW.
I've have had a group of happy healers that are actually more of an internet group than an in person gathering because I have yet to figure out the final details in bi-locating. (Hey! Maybe that will be the next miracle we'll work on!) I have high hopes to get the gang together to do hands on healings soon.

In the meantime, I decided it was time to quit just talking about how to make things happen and start to actually-Make things happen!! And BOY have they!

At 8:16 Fridays- The making of a miracle~
In any way you choose-wish, hope, pray, sing, imagine, chant, whatever to whomever to concentrate on creating what we really want to have or have happen.

The first miracle focus probably didn't seem Miracle worthy to most of you but-hey- it's my world so I picked what was/is so important to me at the moment and that was getting the store at Grand Prairie going called Simply Everything Boutique. I am happy to say that Jennifer Slater of Sensy Wickless Candles DID renew the lease until Aug. Yea! This is going to be a local artist coop and support homebased business.
We are getting renters and consignees. People are working together. I've been able to work out working it out so far. We still need fiber artsts, glass blowers, painters, metal sculptors... to rent for only $100 a month until Aug.

2nd miracle was going to be finding my grandmother's ring I lost over 15 years ago. I miss her and it and have looked and prayed and ring. So- on to aaahhh...wait!

2nd, 2nd miracle- A real crisis showed up before Friday and a friend HAD to have a $435.06 to have electricity by the time her son came home. This was amazing. Not only did people generously donate but the universe dropped a large sum of money on them that made it possible to pay 3 people's electric bills that were all in desperate need with a little left over for some other needs!
On top of that there was a healing, connections and the ripples just keep on going!

So-This week we are sort of back to the first 2nd miracle which is finding my grandmother May-May's ring.
At 8:16 Friday-focus on that ring finding it's way back to me!!! If you have any ideas or impressions send them along!

blah, blah blog...

I'm not sure anyone really wants to hear my ramblings but I have been encouraged by several people to start a blog. Now, maybe this is so I stop sending those annoying parade of emails to everyone or maybe I really AM getting smarter with age and I'm going to learn to multi-task, "creating more time", for various other important and fun projects.
Or maybe I am out of my freakin' mind to start yet ANOTHER thing to have to babysit!