Saturday, February 20, 2010

This says it all

Calling all artists!

I am looking to be inspired!
Who would like to
Add an Art
to my paint pants?
This is an experimental project
designed to bring the best creativity
out of all of you!!!
As long as it's reasonably washable
and not too obscene
it's up to you how you would like to
add art and inspiration
to my jeans.
I intend to wear these when I am creating
to gain attention to
the fabulous artists we have here in our
Who is game!?
Contact me asap!
I would love to have a dozen artists work
sewn, stitch, paint, glue, rivet....on my jeans!

I created
Paint Pants
I just love the whole idea
of inspirational quotes
on them!
I am going to do a series of these painters pants
for artists to wear while they work.
These are high quality Dickies
that wash and wear really well
and are favored by professional painters by far.
-if you already have your favorites prepainted pair
and you want to upgrade a bit-
Just give me a jingle.
For $15 we will print your saying or slogan on your
used jeans!!!
Don'tcha just love it?!!!
Can't wait to hear from you!

Sweet Pea and Fairy Princesses

Maybe it's the fact that I am expecting....

Another Grand Boy that is!!!
But I have suddenly been moved
to create sweet baby/children
I love the pea border on both edges
of this Burpie!

We can put the name of your
Sweet Pea across the top!
Just $9.95 as is.

Lori and I came up with
these this week.
What do ya think?
No. Really. I really want to know.
Let me know.

This fairy dress was inspired by the
Magical Fairy Tea
Simply Everything Boutique
are going to have
MARCH 20th.
The wings and words
are embroidered with
Glow in the DARK
I KNOW! Cute right?

The ruffle could have the name of your very own
Fairy Princess on it too!!
Just pick a color!
The dress is $25 as is
only $5 more to personalize it!
I wanna hear from ya!

Princess Dresser and more

People are always asking me
what I've been working on
but I know they are thinking-
"What the heck does she do all day".
Besides helping
Simply Everything Boutique
make the world a better place and
beginning to work with
Amy Lambert of CICreative,
I occasionally get a little painting done.
Here are this week's projects.

You can't really tell from the
pictures that the crown curls
and words have beautiful glitter on them.
The sides have fun polka dots too!
(Come in to see it at SEB in person!)

Now don't give me any grief
the picture quality!!
I spent over an hour this morning
recharging our "good camera"
YET again because it
doesn't turn it's self off,
that weighs 10,000 lbs.
and has cool buttons all over
and things you can clip on
and take off...
Then you wait....waiiiittt...
for the perfect sunshine-
not too bright, not too dark...
to SNAP!
that perfect picture.
The stupid camera for some
reason which is obviously
beyond me again,
wouldn't take a picture.
It sat silently, laughing, laughing
as I struggled, punched, pushed
and pleaded with it.

Now- before you get all-
Ya just have to this and you shoulda known that...
For all your fanciness...
I picked up my
Exlim Casio
with the big screen
and shot pictures instantly.
So there na!

Here are a couple other things I worked
on this week.

Great Adventure $32

Time Out Step Stool $28
Come in to SEB and say you saw
these on the blog and I'll
have them take $10% off
for ya!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

More things I love

Happy Valentine's Day!
There are so many lovely things in the world
that I just couldn't stop at those few on the last post.
Here are a couple things I'm working on that
I am hoping
you love as much as I do!

I am working on a new line
with my friend Lori.
(We are still coming up with a name).

She is able to print and embroider
my original designs
all sorts of fun things.

Here is the first in a series of bed sets!!

Love Bug Back Pack
This Monogramed Back Pack contains
a complete
Personalized, Monogrammed
twin bed set
which includes
The Flat, Fitted and Pillowcase
for only $98.
Printed on Cannon brand 300 thread count cotton sheets.

The washable nylon back pack can be carried as a pajama bag
or book bag and has a drawstring tie.
If you just want the cute back pack it's only $14.95.
How fun to take to a sleep over!!!

The pillowcase below
is printed and has an embroidered
little love bug too!
It's still soft and comfortable
for sleeping,
but you can choose to turn
your pillow over if you
are sensitive.

You can choose
to put just an initial on it or add
a trail of lovely love bugs instead
of a whole name along the edge!
I hand painted the original ladybug
and Lori was able to print it and embroider it!
These sheets are completely machine washable
although bleaching isn't recommended.We were so thrilled with how the set turned out!!
We just know it's going to be a big hit because
(yes, this is for real),
a lady bug showed up on our next project
while we were dancing and celebrating
our creative awesomeness.

Now that we knew luck was on our side
we forged ahead creating our next amazing
art work!

Painters Pants!!
No- I mean- REAL painters pants.
Pants for artists!!!
If any of you have come to visit me while I'm working at
Simply Everything Boutique
you will immediately agree...
I needed a wardrobe upgrade!
I think VanGogh would be
proud to have his quote
on the pants I am
going to be
creating great works of art in!
Don't you?

This is another line Lori and I
are working on together which will
include t-shirts
painting smocks
with all sorts of
inspirational sayings
and designs.

I have my logo on the back pocket
you can leave it plain or
have your business name and logo
(to be cool like me).
I am looking forward to
letting the natural process of
painting decorate these at will,
so soon I will be a
walking work of art
but I will be creating
more masterpieces
with hand painted designs on them
for the lucky public to buy at
If you have clothing that you
would like us to customize
give me a jingle or
Email me at:

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Things I Love

First of all I Love my husbandand family.

This is what happens when you ask them to pose for a picture.

I love my husband's cooking!

Love Perry's Art
They will take your child's or grandchild's
drawings and make them into permanent art
on canvas or pottery.
Now my grandson and I have lunch together
every day whether I'm there or not
on his Granny B and Me Plate
that I will show in a future picture.

I also love their custom made ceramic
and buttons.

Yea...all of these things I love.
I loved my Painting class with Bobbi Takashima.

I love going out with my husband
to hear my son's band play.
Drive Train Rocks!!

I loved how this very over sized
carved flower turned out.
Dimensions are 4 ft. x 3 ft.

I love the way the colorful little houses
dot the hillside of the islands.
I love all the children of the Grenadine Islands!!
I loved teaching art classes there.
I love this picture below.
It was taken at the Bowen Building
which was the old State Hospital.
This is right behind what was my old
art studio and gallery
and I was there for this event.
They sent the picture away to experts
and they couldn't debunk it.
A lot of interesting stories there.
I love all of Twisted Chicken's work but
especially this necklace.
What a great picture of my grandson,
posing in his halloween costume 2008.
I loved working on Extreme Home Makeover.
This floor below is incredible in person!!!
Too bad most people won't get to see it
since it's in a private home.
My husband designed, cut and installed it.
I love how this mirror I painted turned out.
The color scheme was taken
from the bedsheets in their
daughter's room.

I love promoting our artists!!
And of course... I love chocolate!I love all of you too who are
nice enough to check in on my blog.
Happy Valentine's Day