Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sweet Pea and Fairy Princesses

Maybe it's the fact that I am expecting....

Another Grand Boy that is!!!
But I have suddenly been moved
to create sweet baby/children
I love the pea border on both edges
of this Burpie!

We can put the name of your
Sweet Pea across the top!
Just $9.95 as is.

Lori and I came up with
these this week.
What do ya think?
No. Really. I really want to know.
Let me know.

This fairy dress was inspired by the
Magical Fairy Tea
Simply Everything Boutique
are going to have
MARCH 20th.
The wings and words
are embroidered with
Glow in the DARK
I KNOW! Cute right?

The ruffle could have the name of your very own
Fairy Princess on it too!!
Just pick a color!
The dress is $25 as is
only $5 more to personalize it!
I wanna hear from ya!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Ok momma, I really like the sweet pea stuff. Very cute. The fairy doesn't seem your usual style, but I still like it. Do you have any more boyish designs? Because every single person I know that is preggers right now is expecting a little boy. And for some reason, I know a LOT of pregnant ladies right now. Anyway, very cute! Keep up the good work!