Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's everywhere, it's everywhere!

is everywhere.

Here is a table I recreated for a new
friend and now client I met
while shopping at
Michael's in Dallas Texas.

It has a vintage feel because
of the way I layered several colors of paint,
then I sanded, antiqued, then waxed it.
I don't usually like to work with
Flat Paint
but for this project I think it gave
an earthiness, almost a stone like quality to it,
that I love.
The gold added a richness and sophistication
and the wax made the aging more honest and real
and protects the finish
without shine or chalkiness
(although I did use a matte spray varnish before
waxing because this table expects to get
a lot of use).

You will notice a lapse in time from my last post.
That would be because I have been in Texas for the last 6 weeks
playing Granny B to the most amazing grandchildren.
YES! Grand-children!
My daughter Sarah
just had our second grandboy
and he is beautiful and wonderful...
but that's another story.
While I was there getting ready for the
birth and birthday and birth Day
of these fine lads,
I of course had to get my
weekly dose of
While pondering over which colors from

I was going to buy for my next
art adventure
(yes, another story)
a fun, beautiful woman named
Robin Gregory
asked me
if I knew anything about paints
since I had an arm full of them.
I answered...well, as a matter of fact...
One question turned into two, three, four
and pretty soon we were
discussing, lamps, patio furniture, candles
and shoes!
THIS was my kind of gal!!!
Through our discussion she found out
that I was an artist and she was
an Interior Designer!!!
Okay, Now I know what you are thinking,
because, yes,
everyone and their brother thinks
they are Interior Designers now
because they've watched a couple of
TV shows and decorated
their own livingrooms.

Since my daughter Sarah
actually has her Masters from
Drexel University
in Interior Design,
a few questions made it clear
that this gal knew what
she was doing and her home
is over the top,
breathtakingly gorgeous.

By the time we ended our conversation,
(which was interrupted by a million
phone calls from both of us)
we had exchanged info
with promises to keep in touch.
She called that next day to ask
me to faux finish this table
in time for the big soiree she
was throwing the next week.
She also took me to all of her
favorite designer haunts and introduced
me around like I was a celebrity!
What a wonderful time we had!

Now, my husband can not for the life of him,
can not understand how I can run in to pick up
a $2 paint bottle and come out an hour later
with a new friend and painting project.
I am hoping to get pictures of
Robin Gregory's
for you all to enjoy very soon.

You'll notice the lack of pictures here.
I squeezed this table project in
the week I drove home to pick up
my husband to turn around and
drive BACK to TX that week!

The point is-
If you love what you do
and it shows
you will be a magnet
to like minded passionate people.