Friday, January 22, 2010

These boots are made for walkin'

If you've ever looked down while talking with me you will have noticed that my shoes are generally between awful and appalling and down right embarrassing.
Yes. I am aware of this.
The problem is that from childhood I've always hated to wear shoes. Always.
They would be scattered around my neighborhood
mostly under apple trees and every evening my parents would ask...
where are your shoes?
I would then explain- you CAN'T climb trees in flip flops!
(Okay, we called them thongs back then before people wore butt crack underwear).
Beyond that, as an adult my feet are two different sizes and extra narrow, I broke one that just never healed right,
and I have
Morton's Toe
(monkey toes with a longer second toe than first
which is why toe out shoes were invented I'm sure.
You may or may not be interested to know that it's also believed
to be a sign of being the head of the family.
The longer your 2nd toe is from your first the stronger your leadership role.
Yeah- no contest. I rule.)

So, to find shoes that are comfortable or that fit or even just stay on my feet...huhhhhh...
My daughter Sarah on the other hand
will stuff her little toes into anything that is beautiful
and to her most shoes that fit her are in that category.
Shoe shopping together has been a challenge in the past
but I was determined on this trip
to go with Sarah and take her advice and
find the perfect pair of black shoes I can wear every day.
The best bug man in Dallas let us in on this secret gold mine of shoes called
Off Price Shoes.

They are regularly $9.99
but on special days they are marked down to $4.99 for shoes
and $15 for boots.
I, who generally walks out of shoes stores
crabby and disappointed
(whether I find shoes to fit or not)
hit the boot bonanza!

Sarah walked out with 9 new pairs of shoes for $48 including tax!

In less than an hour we came home with a dozen new pairs and created our own little shoe display like a work of art at home...
because according to Sarah-
"What's more beautiful than a dozen pair of new shoes".

You will notice that there is a pair missing.

Yes. The black pair of flats I originally came to Dallas to find!!!
I only bought boots!!

We are still in search for the perfect pair of black shoes!
The adventure continues...

Friday, January 1, 2010

What a Year!

So, I started 2009 in my
Something Unique Studios
in Bartonville.

2,500 sq. feet of art heaven.

It's right behind the old state hospital building
now called the
Bowen Building.

I had another picture but it disappeared.....
Yeah- there was a lot of that kind of thing while I was there.
I loved my art palace. It had a front gallery.
and an upstairs where
Leann McWhorter did her
energy healing
and filled my space with joy,
healing and friendship.
Again those pictures have disappeared.

But here are friends enjoying my space.
I had a giant gift gallery.
This is where I sold many of my friends beautiful works of art too.
It seems just like yesterday
my friends where giving me gifts
for starting my new palace.
There are so many great memories.
At my Grand Opening Dec. 9th 2007
is when we found out I was going to be a
grandma for the first time.
I had fun there with friends, artists and customers.
I held classes, parties and created works of art of all sizes.

Then I met Jennifer Slater
Very shortly after....
this is what happened.

I loved my 3 years at my studio but....

there were new art challenges to take on.
You really know who your friends are
when you have to move this much stuff
and they show up anyway!

After knowing Jennifer just a few hours
we decided it was a good idea
for me to totally change our lives
and start a whole new project.
Simply Everything Boutique
Art Gallery
Contemporary Gifts Store
was born that July.

The start of a new business almost over night.
Having been a recluse for years the retail addiction was
back full force out at the
Shoppes at Grand Prairie
and it was contagious.
The retail bug bit Jennifer as well!
She embraced it completely.
My studio went from 2,500 sq. ft. to about 200 sq. ft.
in the back storage closet of the new store.

Jennifer's office became about 10 sq. ft.We were having a great time taking over the world with art when...
Jennifer's son became very ill:(

Luckily they have a plan.
Sadly the plan is to move to Florida.

Lord, Oh Lord I cried!
What shall I do?!
Give me a sign!
That's when
Julie Vonachen
Moon Dancer
called me.
She said, Lord Oh Lord!
What am I going to do?!
I am suddenly without a
home for my business!
I yelled,
Thank You Jesus!!

What a great Christmas present
for all of us!!

Jennifer meet Julie.
Julie meet Jennifer.
We instantly bonded in to a new family.
(With Jennifer, is there any other way?)
Julie has barely gotten her feet in the door
and her friends and customers are
racing in to congratulate her!

Yes, this is the famous singer, guitar player
Robin Crowe
coming in to
congratulate Julie
on our new business
Simply Everything Under the Moon.
We have plans to "marry" the two business
Feb. 13th.
There are rumors that Robin may even be there
to play her version of
the Retail Wedding March!
Invitations to the
celebration are forth coming
so keep an eye out for
your announcement.
I am really looking forward to seeing where
my next art adventure takes me!
2010 here I come!