Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hypnosis For Health
This is the home of my new hypnosis office

Hypnosis For Health
Suite 215
2619 West Heading Ave.
West Peoria, IL 61604
(309) 323-0362
that will open Sept. 1st.

I'm working on my website now
and you can call me to book your appointment
or Email to ask questions.

This beautiful old building is being refurbished
and is the
perfect peaceful place
for me to help people learn
to relax and open up their minds.
Great convenient parking and
I am on the first floor just to the right
as you come in so it's a nice short walk to my office.

Easy to get to, beautiful grounds with plants and wildlife and other
wonderful healers to share the building with.

Here are Dan and Barb Kerns,
the owners and saviors of this historic building.
I've officially signed the lease and I'm looking forward to painting and putting up art!

My name plaque will go right here above my suite number:)

Old world charm....

Paul is the handyman genius who is replastering and fixing my room
so I can get started soon.

They actually rewelded the window frames
back in instead of replacing them with new
to keep the charm of the building. I love that.

Okay- sooo....the bathroom might need a little extra attention...
But I know I can create some magic there too.
If you are a healing professional,
writer, artist...
there are still a few spots available
at such a reasonable rate!
Call Barb or Dan at
(309) 696-3618

Now, don't be concerned.
Of course I will still be painting!
Call me for your custom murals
or to create new furniture from
your old treasures.

Artist Against ALS

The Arts community here in Peoria Illinois
have really come together to show their love and
support for our family since we have been diagnosed.
Artists Against ALS
is a group of wonderfully generous creative souls
who have donated their time,
talents and art work to help Tracy and I out.
To learn more than you might want to
know about Tracy's journey through ALS
go to this site
if you dare!

Clubs at River City • Peoria IL

Here are just a few of the beautiful artworks
that are available for purchase through
The Clubs at River City.
You can make a bid and hope that you win
you can pay full price and take it home now!
Below see Mike Shular's Maple Leaf Gourd.
Hand cut and painted this work of art is truly unique!

Okay- the eyes have it!
Woman in the Water
painted by David Webster
is absolutely incredible!

I might have to buy this for myself
for my hypnosis office!
Wouldn't it LOOK great there?'s a fund raiser for us....
Well, please give this painting a good home.
I love it soooooo much.
Here is another powerful work of Art
Gold in Light
This canvas is about 30" x 40"
painted with acrylic and has metallic paint
swept through, giving it
this glow about it.
Suzette Boulais
head of Arts Partners
Contact Suzette
for her graphic designs, note cards
and custom paintings Here

What a great friend and artist!
The folk art paintings here
are by
Pam Miller.
I am lucky enough to have
friends who teach art classes
as well as painting charming still life!
Pam works at our local
and teaches jewelry making,
painting and polymer clay sculpting
to name just a few.
Eric and Nicole Cooney
Donated all sorts of beautiful paintings and photographs
at a great price so they would sell right away!

This is just a small sample of the fantastic art
that will be available at the
Clubs at River City.
Doug Leunig, Tom Gross, Leslie Schenkel and
many more artists will have art
for you to enjoy!
A special thank you to
Julie Vonachen at Moon Dancer
and her crew
for their love and support.

So- we've had Kick ALS at Luthy Botanical Garden,
Artists Against ALS at The River Front Art Market
Rock ALS at the Silver Dollar in Peoria Heights so far.
Look forward to other fun creative events for
you to enjoy!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Artist Against ALS

So- by now you have noticed that I have been away from my blog site a while.
March 15th, 2011,
my husband Tracy Boettcher,
was diagnosed with ALS- Lou Gehrigs Disease.

This has turned our world upside down:(
It's taken months for us to try to wash all the negativity from the doctor's death sentence
out of our heads and get back to living life and looking for new ways to heal this
terrible situation.

One of those ways is to engage the community to try to help us come up with creative healing ideas and help do research for us,
so if any of you out there have
knowledge on holistic healing we are open and waiting
to hear from you.

Since my husband is a builder
of beautiful homes
ALS has put a real crimp in our style to say the least.
I will be changing from a full time artist
who does hypnosis on the side
- to a full time hypnotist who does art on the side.
I will be putting together a website
for Hypnosis for Health
soon and maybe throw a blog in there too.

As a hypnotist for almost 20 years I have seen miracles created through the power of the mind.
I will be actively working on "changing my husband's mind" back to before it chose ALS as a path for his future. Those with knowledge or interest in Mind/Body work can contact me to discuss ideas any time.

I am lucky enough to have made many friends in the art world who want to help us, so look forward to opportunities to participate in Artists Against ALS as a way to help financially support our family during this rough time as well as learn some fun new art skills to share with the public.

Thank you all for your love and support.
Those who would like to make donations can do so through PayPal at