Friday, January 21, 2011

Personlize it

Spring is in the air...okay not really.
But it's in my art studio.

I've been painting all sorts of
bright colored personalized art
to cheer up those winter blues.
Easter will be right around the corner
before you know it.
That means new life!
These canvases make wonderful
baby gifts.
You can include that date of birth or even
have me write the "Monday's Child" verse.
Use your imagination to create
the perfect timeless gift.
These can be painted in custom
colors to coordinate with your decor.
These charming little children's stools
are just the right height to help
little ones step up to wash their
hands or help you in the kitchen.

Contact me to order yours now!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Moon Dancer at Grand Prairie

I've just taken in a few new things
I think will be nice, inexpensive,
unique, quality, handmade gifts at
Moon Dancer
out at the Shoppes at Grand Prairie
in Peoria, Il.

Valentine's Day

is right around the corner
and whether you need
a beautiful hand painted

mirror for your gal or
locket for your ma or

sassy card to let some one
know that
You DON'T care,
You can find it all at
Moon Dancer
along with about 1,000 other
interesting artful gifts.

Should you need custom
painting for your home, murals,
hand painted clothing or
greeting cards

you can find it all right there!

It's not my fault

Here I am introducing my
Greeting Card Line.
Socially Inappropriate Cards
just had to be made!
It's not my fault!
Hallmark just doesn't cover
the real issues that need
to be addressed in day to day life.

I've been selling these cards at
Moon Dancer
at the
Shoppes at Grand Prairie

by personal order
for those custom situations
that just can't go by without comment.

Hopefully, soon, I will be selling them on my
ETSY site too.

Feel free to call or Email me
to share real life situations
that they just don't make cards for.
Not only do I have Get Well for Kidney Stones-
"I hope everything comes out okay",
And accidents- "Get Well Clumsy Dumbass"
but for general life and encouragement,
"So you found out your son is gay-
At least he didn't get the neighbor girl pregnant".
"Happy Unbirthday-celebrating the 364 days a year
you AREN'T getting older"
which let's face it,
is REALLY something to celebrate,
unless you've passed away...
In which case I have a card for that too.
Please communicate any ideas and situations you think
just NEED to be addressed.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Love ME

With Valentine's Day right around the corner
I thought now was a good time to
show you how my mirror
for DecoArt turned out.
I'm excited to say
that you should
be seeing this on their Feb projects page.

You can order one from me painted with YOUR name
or that of a loved one, grandchild or saying
for just $25.
Let me know if you love this
as much as I do!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year....and Valentines Day

So, it's New Year's Day
and I'm doing what ever other
art addict
is doing today.
I'm lining up all the projects
that I promised myself I was going
to get done last year
and lying to myself again
about how I'm going to organize my studio
and set and stick to a schedule.
As I pack away multiple boxes of Christmas projects
that I didn't get to AGAIN this year I look forward to
what's next on my palette.

Luckily there are others that have set deadlines
for me so I WILL actually get some things painted very soon.

One of those fine businesses is DecoArt.
They were nice enough to publish my Santa Box
on their website and I got so many nice comments
and made new friends.
Well I am happy to report that I sent off
another picture to see if they were interested in
a Valentine's Day pattern and they said
They LOVED it!
Well, I won't ruin the surprise for you
but here is what it looks like now.

Check back to see how it turns out.
I'd love to hear from you about
your ideas and art or what you'd like to
see from me!