Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Because they said so...

I spend most of my days filling special orders my customers request in hopes that I make enough money to afford enough time to be able to spend a day or two actually painting what I imagine.

Here are some of the fun wonderful projects I've been filling my days creating for sweet wonderful inspiring families.

This plaque was designed to coordinate with the
baby announcement and other
colors, details & inspirations from the room.
The circle is cut separate and glittered to
the max to make it extra girly.
The pink and green ribbon is
cut out of wood as well to add
some fun dimension.

This canvas is also designed
from a baby announcement
that coordinates with Carson's room.
Carson was born on Earth day which
is why you see the earth in the O of his name.
This is a 16 x20 canvas with a
wooden banner.

This canvas banner is custom sewn to the perfect size
with a willow stick dowel to hang the ribbon from.
The spirals and butterflies glitter brightly
under the light.Now, I don't want you to think all I do
is baby banners!!

I faux finished the walls of this room
by washing a color over textured
walls to make the room
feel much warmer than it
originally did.
This little vintage chair had been in
her family for a long time
and she wanted it to "fit in" without
being over done.
These colors and pattern coordinate
with the rug and accessories
that will go back into the room.
Boy, I wish I would have taken
better pictures of this
cool potting table.
It's rustic and fun and the perfect
height for actually working
on projects!

I love how the flower dangles underneath
like it's suspended in air!
These words are there
to help PEOPLE grow!
It will be the display for our garden window
but it's still going to be for sale
so come check it out.

Now here is a life changing piece.
As I was agonizing over what
direction to go while creating
this mirror,
a good friend came in and asked
what I was going to do with it.
As I moaned about my indecision,
her eyes lit up!
She knew exactly what
she wanted HER mirror to say!
The saying came from her heart but
it spoke to mine.
In a twinkling of an eye...
WE KNOW.The eyes glitter with a turquoise blue/green
and have twinkle glitter highlights.
The silver stars also glitter of course.

This moon man is gentle and knowing
and watches over you as you ponder.
He started out as a broken stool seat
and the stars were wood used in
Tae Kwon Do Tournaments
so they hold the positive
energy and focus to get things done!
Anything you put your mind to...
you can do.
This vintage post office letter box was
just a plain brown stain.
I painted it to go with but
not match
the table I made that
also works with the
cabinet that the
owner already had.

The gal that brought me this wonderful
window knew just what she wanted
and even brought me the wall paint sample
chip and curtain fabric!
The wall color will come through
the glass to become part
of the art!

These are just a few of the samples that I've done recently
for my clients.
I would love to hear your ideas or see your projects!
Next maybe I'll post

Sunday, May 23, 2010


So, since I am going to be a lot more mobile these days,
going to Texas for the birth
of my next Grandboy, Isaac,
I decided I needed to take my art
on the road, so to speak.
I have jumped (or been pushed)
into the cyber selling world of ETSY.

In a former life I started wholesaling by selling
my brass handmade jewelry at big industry gift markets
like Chicago Gift Market.

Now times have changed
and the way to meet
millions of potential buyers I'm told is to
Twitter and Facebook
my way into their
hearts and pocketbooks by computer.

So far-not nearly as much fun-
I have a feeling the opinions of the
youth and geniuses of this generation
are getting their information only from
THEIR experience or lack there of.
(It's a little like having a skinny young girl
who has never eaten a pot roast seared
in fat with hand rubbed seasoning messaged
into its soul by loving hands telling me how
easy it is to have "portion control" as they
nibble on bits of grass covered in chemicals).

BUT- I am determined to give it a try

because the billions of people using these
services tell me it's like
refusing to learn
to use a telephone
because it's a new fangled contraption.
My jewelry is light weight, easy to ship,
actual vintage pieces since I've had them
myself since the early 80's and handmade by me.

Brass jewelry is back in fashion big time now,
so I am assuming the universe is making it
as easy as possible for me to jump into this world.

What am I missing?
Where are you? Where are they?
I miss chatting with the person considering
adopting one of my works of art to make
sure their intentions are to enjoy and
share the love....
I am told every click on the "views" is
a little love pat.

They say it takes time.
I'm not sure.... am I going to be around
long enough to feel the love?
Do you like me? Do you really REALLY like me?

Please please follow me on Twitter,
Friend me on Facebook,!/profile.php?id=1643277645
comment here on my blog
so I know what you think!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This is what Diggers Do

Sorry to all who do not have a fascination
with construction equipment
but this one is for
my grandson,
who totally digs diggers!
This all started with a basement
that has leaked for 26 years.
Our house, we just found out
is only 100 years old.
We thought it was built in 1903
probably because the neighbors was or something.

We were hand digging a hole for a sump pump down in our basement in hopes of slowing or stopping the water problem. That started plumbing discussions which lead to the fact that our water pressure has slowly...well, slowed down through the years.

Now we have the city and plumbers and workers and and and marching through the house to the basement to the alley to the... to get us service!
What an adventure.

Let's see if we can strike it rich with water!
The good news is...
Alex gets these great pictures.