Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This is what Diggers Do

Sorry to all who do not have a fascination
with construction equipment
but this one is for
my grandson,
who totally digs diggers!
This all started with a basement
that has leaked for 26 years.
Our house, we just found out
is only 100 years old.
We thought it was built in 1903
probably because the neighbors was or something.

We were hand digging a hole for a sump pump down in our basement in hopes of slowing or stopping the water problem. That started plumbing discussions which lead to the fact that our water pressure has slowly...well, slowed down through the years.

Now we have the city and plumbers and workers and and and marching through the house to the basement to the alley to the... to get us service!
What an adventure.

Let's see if we can strike it rich with water!
The good news is...
Alex gets these great pictures.


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Sarah. said...

OMG!!! I didn't know you could do such a thing!! I will be showing these pictures to A for sure, although Grandpa better be able to produce a backhoe the next time we visit because you better believe he'll be expecting to see one!

Sarah. said...

p.s. can you "borrow" some of those construction cones off the back of that truck for Alex's party? Surely your tax money has paid for them, right?

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