Saturday, August 28, 2010

Collaboration at it's best!

This is what happens when you throw
ego aside and work freely
with others
just to see what magic can happen!

Artist Andrew Odum
is a fabulous copper artist,
(as well as all around nice guy)
from Peoria, Illinois.
(We are designing a hero cape for him now,
but don't tell cause it's a secret. Shshshssssshhhhhh!)

Andy designed the base
and I cut and painted
a top to go on it.
Then we worked together
to design the details
around the base
(Although actually Andrew did all the actual work!)
I chose a celestial green instead of a
traditional blue background because
of the beautiful colors
found in the copper itself.
I love how Andrew wove the details
inside the larger copper spiral
so that no one would catch
toes or clothes
on the table.

The table is painted with and assortment
of metallic finishes and topped
with a high gloss, durable varnish
finish that will take a lot of spills
and be easily washable.

The table is tall and was designed as
a social bar table where friends
could stand around and jaw about
their latest successes.

The subconscious messages through
subtle art images and design
are found throughout the table top.
Dream, Wish and Shine
along with the basic
necessities of life,
Eat, Drink and just BE,
are randomly mixed
with images of
celestial peace, growth and balance.

I'd love to hear about what you see in this art
and how you feel about
my photos of it or
composition or
choice of colors....
Express yourself and

Friday, August 20, 2010

They're bbaaaaccckkkkk

To a visual artist,
pictures are just about the most important thing
and when 5000 of them get accidentally trashed it can be
life changing.
When praying desperately that they would come back
I heard my mother's voice say (again)
Be careful what you wish for....
Somehow we got 10,271 pictures back!
(Am I a good pray-er or what!?)
They are not in any particular order and all
albums and sense of order is gone...
(Be specific, be specific, be specific)
As I sift through the
thousands and thousands of pictures
I will randomly post art of interest
just so we will have a record of my work
and you can begin to see all the pictures
I meant to post all these months and years ago and never got around to.
They all have a story of some kind that I'm sure
you will be looking forward to:)
Here's a warm up.

I just loved these.
Here's my bird phase.
10x10 canvas over wood.

Did I mentioned that I was wanted by the FBI?
I met this gentleman at the 724 Reserve send off party while I
was painting faces.
He works for the FBI and has a non-profit organization
of his own he wanted a logo from me to use on his site.
My father was in the FBI before becoming a probation officer
here in Peoria so of course we bonded.

My step brother was sent off to Iraq last year
with unit 724 and just got back.
I was there face painting to show support for our troops
and Brian Mackoway, my step bro.

I really do ya know....
Love you all to the Moon and Back again.
Thanks for watching.
Come back soon!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Many of you have noticed that I've been MIA for a while.
There has been a LOT of A while I was gone!!!
This is a quick run down
but I promise to add
pictures and details soon!

I left the end of May
to help bring my new grandson, Isaac,
into this world
and bond with my older grandson, Alex,
who just turned 3, while I was in Texas for the month of June.
(Yes, I am a grandma and you'll just have to put up with seeing these corny pictures.)
(You can get all the glorious details on earlier blog posts).

Then back for a few days then off to
Chicago Gift Show
where we met and bought from some great designers
in the
Beckman's Handmade section of the show
as well as
some FAB designers in the permanent show rooms.
Then back for a couple days and off to
CHA Show in Rosemont
with a great designer and artist
Pam Miller who works at Michael's
here in Peoria, IL.

Now you may think that sounds like a full summer but
in the middle of all that
I was still painting orders
for Moon Dancer
where my Something Unique Studios
is located (for right now),
meeting new designers and working with new companies!
is an amazing art supply and painting company
that has recently invited me to participate in there
where I am designing
fun new projects
for creative people
to learn to use their products.

Viking Woodcrafts
has also been generous enough to
share samples of their great wood crafts
for me to create new patterns on
and I'm having so much fun.

Now throw in birthday parties, anniversaries &
wedding showers and you can see
why I haven't had time to blog lately.

Check back soon to actually
SEE the art and people
and hear about a
brand new adventure
that I am
working on
that will change the face of
and the
Art World!
(Yes! Truly, it's gonna be THAT BIG!)