Saturday, August 28, 2010

Collaboration at it's best!

This is what happens when you throw
ego aside and work freely
with others
just to see what magic can happen!

Artist Andrew Odum
is a fabulous copper artist,
(as well as all around nice guy)
from Peoria, Illinois.
(We are designing a hero cape for him now,
but don't tell cause it's a secret. Shshshssssshhhhhh!)

Andy designed the base
and I cut and painted
a top to go on it.
Then we worked together
to design the details
around the base
(Although actually Andrew did all the actual work!)
I chose a celestial green instead of a
traditional blue background because
of the beautiful colors
found in the copper itself.
I love how Andrew wove the details
inside the larger copper spiral
so that no one would catch
toes or clothes
on the table.

The table is painted with and assortment
of metallic finishes and topped
with a high gloss, durable varnish
finish that will take a lot of spills
and be easily washable.

The table is tall and was designed as
a social bar table where friends
could stand around and jaw about
their latest successes.

The subconscious messages through
subtle art images and design
are found throughout the table top.
Dream, Wish and Shine
along with the basic
necessities of life,
Eat, Drink and just BE,
are randomly mixed
with images of
celestial peace, growth and balance.

I'd love to hear about what you see in this art
and how you feel about
my photos of it or
composition or
choice of colors....
Express yourself and


Joel D. Timm said...

Checkin' in. Leavin' a comment.

Kay said...

What a beautiful table! You need to keep this collaboration going. Where is your new studio?

Patti Zantout said...

Yikes, Amy girl, I never could keep up with you and your doin's when I lived there but now you are even MORE UNIQUE! You make me proud to be your mother-in-law! Love you bunches, Patti