Saturday, February 6, 2010

Button, Button, whose got the button?

Ya know how ya see someone else wearing something cute
and you buy it but
when ya put it on...wa, wa, wa.... disappointment:(

So it was with the little neutral sweater

that fit all my requirements.

Neutral so I could wear it with anything,
warm so I would wear it with everything,
cheap enough so I could justify buying it
and my daughter Sarah liked it
and she had one in black
that I've worn more than once.
So why don't I wear this one?
Because it's the same color as me.
Boring boring beige!!!
I think I was thinking
I would put a fun pin on
or jewelry with it
but the design around the yoke
doesn't really lend itself to that
although a fun brooch could work.
The earthiness of the sweater
didn't play well
with my sparkle pins I own though.

The solution?

I had Lois Perry,
world renowned (or should be)
button maker, potter and multi-media artist,
not to mention great friend,
(oooppsss! I mentioned it)
made me these fab buttons to play with!
What a difference they make don't ya think?
I LOVE them.
They are hand made ceramic
and I just tied them on with green crochet cording.
Now, I had intentions of stitching a fun playful vine pattern around the yoke and adding all sorts of other flower shaped buttons to really fill up the shoulder area but...

I kind of like it this way.
What do you think?


Middle Aged Woman Blogging said...

A whole new sweater! Does Lois Perry have a website??

Pam Warden Art said...

Love your buttons idea :)
(your fabulous new friend from the Dallas World Trade Center :)

Cis said...

Okay, I love the sweater with the new buttons. I would not add another thing. It's wonderful the way it is.