Saturday, April 10, 2010

I love my job

Other artists often do you get all your painting jobs?
The answer is..
I LOVE what I do.

This recent addition to a series of murals started many years ago,
actually BEFORE these boys were even born.
and luckily enough I was hired
to paint murals in their baby rooms.
Now that family has moved in to this new home
and their children have grown

I'm still lucky enough to be part of their family.
I've watched their children grow.
I've painted presents through the years for
sisters and moms.
I've painted murals in their parents and siblings homes as well.
I get to be part of their family, their lives, their loves.

Each mural tells a story.
My goal is to convey the emotion
the family wants to feel when they look at it.

Across the hall from where I painted
the "I love you to the moon and back",
is the boys
Under Sea Bathroom.
I wish my photography skills were better
because then you could see

that the whole wall is washed with blues
to create that under water feel.
You could see the jelly fish in the corner
that glow in the dark when the lights are out
and you could see the glitter on the bubbles
that catch the light as you walk in.
You could also see how this coral bed
leads to a ship wreck hidden behind the towels
to the right so they boys find a great surprise
each time they bathe.There are little surprises everywhere to
keep the boys imaginations going while...
they are going:)

Sometimes some scary surprises too!
Dunt-da, dunt-da...

The boys are their mother's
Son shine,
represented in each
of their rooms now.

I wish I could put up pictures of
the boys original rooms
but that was before digital cameras.
Yes....that long ago.Their down stairs bathroom
is kind of a
"Thinking Room",
with positive words
seemingly randomly
painted all around.

It's amazing how much a little paint
can change the world,
people's lives
I would LOVE to be part of your world.
Call me.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Thank you Bill Bart
for your generous donation to my husband's
Feed your Hungry Wife Fund.
Thanks to you,

took me to a new
and very fine restaurant,

It's an Italian restaurant
located where
Po' Boys
used to be,
right next to the Bingo Parlor
next to Walmart on Dries Ln. in Peoria.

I loved the whole,
greet you at the door in a tux,
welcomed by every person
that worked there.
Dim lit and sophisticated,
Tracy and I felt a little out of place, at first,
in our casual attire,
but the staff was oh so professional
and even complimented, very sincerely,
my camo skirt and cowboy boots.

Since we got there a second and a half
after they opened today,
we had the place to ourselves at first,
but never felt uncomfortable.
The waiter waited on us
and even mentioned
that he knew our son,
Nick and his band
that used to play Po' Boys frequently.

The food was great as was the service.
Pollo Ai Quattro Formaggi $14.50
Ceasar Salad $7
Vitello Con Funghi Morel $23.50
House Salad $6
and then
just when you thought it couldn't get better,
the dessert!
Tiramisu for him
Mexican Hot Chocolate for me.
Now, anyone who knows me knows
that I like my HOT chocolate HOT!
Screaming, boiling, cup melting hot.
And chocolaty. Very, very chocolaty.
You would think that would
be an easy thing to accomplish
since we live in a cold climate,
but let me tell ya, It Ain't!
Well, I won the HOT chocolate
Blistering hot, dark chocolate with
a hint of cinnamon and a beautiful
little drizzle of chocolate across
the frothy cream.
A little choco work of art!
Then when you think it can't get better again,
The Owner
Chef Troy Ummel

comes out to make sure we are happy
with every little thing.
I was so impressed that
I asked for a menu,
a take home box for the rest of my meal,
which will make at least 2 more meals
a picture with Mr. Ummel.
They had to go dig him out of the
back where he was working, just to make me happy.
I LOVE good customer service.
Here is a man who knows who's who.
I even got a beautiful rose
to take home.
It's not cheap but
if you are trying to
impress someone,
This is the place to go.
I'm sorry Po' Boys is gone
but I'm glad
is here!