Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Together

Congratulations to
Janet Hill of Free to Bead!!!
She came into
Simply Everything Boutique
and fell instantly, madly in love with
Jill's parents are
artists Lois and Bruce Perry of Canton, IL.
Having JUST created her they had high
hopes that some day someone would
appreciate her for the lovely inspiration she is.
Now, I hear word on the grapevine there is going
to be a very broken hearted rock hound who
was hoping to sweep Jill off her feet in the very near
future:( Don't let this happen to you!!!

Maybe if we are lucky
Bruce and Lois can work together
to create a sister or brother to
Jill in the very near future.
That's right. Dream big!!!
Now, look at the pictures below of some of
Perry's Art
to see
what else the Perry's have
at our store.
The Perry's will be featured TV

Postcards from Home
Dec. 11th 6 pm on WEEK 25.

These hand thrown, hand painted pots and bowls
have a special holiday price
of only $12-$15!!!

They make great ring dishes,
dip bowls, dishwasher safe
and oooh so beautiful!
They also put on a SUPER SALE
for our open house until
the end of the month on
some of their fun work.
These are HALF off their original price!!!

Now, don't be left broken hearted by waiting
too long!
Come buy these one of a kind works
of art NOW!!!


lorib said...

I sure hope you get more of Jill's family in there. That was awesome.

I think that is one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

Your store looked phenominal for the open house over the weekend. You should be so proud !!

Grandpa in Peoria said...

I'd like to see pictures of the store's transformation as Christmas nears. Maybe Rachel can get some shots next weekend.