Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I could paint full time just giving away donations for fundraisers and benefits.
I lecture myself over and over again about sticking to a dollar amount a year or the number of donations or the time I'll take to do donations... and I just don't listen.
I could justify my choices by creating scenarios for possible financial gain through the advertising of my work and that it's a tax write off but the truth is...
It just feels good to help someone out.
Maybe because I've been a special events coordinator for years and I've been they one begging for donations I'm more sympathetic or maybe it's that I am so glad it's NOT ME with those big woes.
Actually, I think if we would all just give a little bit more
we would all be better off and what goes around comes around.

On the subject of collaboration and cooperation,
this wooden crate was donated by Julie Vonachen of Moon Dancer,
where I sell most of my work right now.
It was a very old Cutty Sark crate with the prohibition stamp
label on the bottom of the box.
After a little discussion, Julie (of course)
decided to donate this crate to the
Peoria Art Guild Auction
for their Sept. Art Show held on Peoria's Riverfront.
We plan to fill it with beautiful hand crafted items
from the Moon Dancer to give to the Art Guild next week.
My assignment was to paint it to reflect the vibe of the store.
I just couldn't paint over the stamp!

But I am OVER THE MOON about my
Mr. Moon Man!
I'm hoping women swoon over his
metallic copper and silver features.
I tried to create a relaxed enchanting expression
that will render them helpless...
to not bid a billion bucks that is!!!
This is a treasure no matter which way you look at it!
I cut the moon and stars from Chinese pine used in
board breaking demonstrations
so they are full of good positive energy!
The box is painted on all sides
so it will look good no matter
where you display it!
I'd love for one of you to adopt
this magical piece and keep
the art world rolling!
The message here is live from your heart!
Reach for the moon and fall among the stars!
Live Inspired!

Check out my next post to see what
I've been working on for SALE!
Check out my brass jewelry here.

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