Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Out on a Limb

At the
Moon Dancer
you can find my new creation
Out on a Limb!
As the weather turns to fall I am inspired to set aside my
colorful palette (temporarily of course)
and go
"Out on a Limb"
and enjoy a more
subdued sophisticated ageless
color scheme and theme.

Once again I am frustrated with myself that I didn't take before
pictures of this children's dresser
that had stickers of lambs and flowers stuck to
mismatched paint
before I recreated it.

I love how this dresser inside and out!
The edges have a beautiful old world gold gild as do the knobs.
I love the combination of taupe base with the soft gray drawers and insets
against the soft black check and dot pattern.
I hand drew and cut the tree and bird stencil on temporary paper
that I could just kick myself for now!
The tree took forever to cut every little delicate branch
and now after seeing how it all came out

I would have loved to do a whole series of bird themed things
in this style,
but this one is going
to truly be an original.

The final touch was to add wheels
so you can move it from your sun porch
to your hall way with the change of seasons!

It would also be awesome in a children's room
for a boy or a girl!

The dresser has a hard varnish covered by a waxed finish
so it's durable but still has the softness of an old loved
Let me know what you think of this new color choice and if you still
recognize me in this work even without pink or purple!
I wanna hear your comments.

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