Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hypnosis For Health
This is the home of my new hypnosis office

Hypnosis For Health
Suite 215
2619 West Heading Ave.
West Peoria, IL 61604
(309) 323-0362
that will open Sept. 1st.

I'm working on my website now
and you can call me to book your appointment
or Email to ask questions.

This beautiful old building is being refurbished
and is the
perfect peaceful place
for me to help people learn
to relax and open up their minds.
Great convenient parking and
I am on the first floor just to the right
as you come in so it's a nice short walk to my office.

Easy to get to, beautiful grounds with plants and wildlife and other
wonderful healers to share the building with.

Here are Dan and Barb Kerns,
the owners and saviors of this historic building.
I've officially signed the lease and I'm looking forward to painting and putting up art!

My name plaque will go right here above my suite number:)

Old world charm....

Paul is the handyman genius who is replastering and fixing my room
so I can get started soon.

They actually rewelded the window frames
back in instead of replacing them with new
to keep the charm of the building. I love that.

Okay- sooo....the bathroom might need a little extra attention...
But I know I can create some magic there too.
If you are a healing professional,
writer, artist...
there are still a few spots available
at such a reasonable rate!
Call Barb or Dan at
(309) 696-3618

Now, don't be concerned.
Of course I will still be painting!
Call me for your custom murals
or to create new furniture from
your old treasures.


Grandpa in Peoria said...

Don't underestimate anything Amy puts her mind to. I know her and you should get your appointments for October before all dates are filled and you find yourself harboring an evil addiction longer than you would like.

Grandpa in Peoria said...

Someone of consequence needs to post a comment here. Don't be shy. If you are shy, Amy can fix that too.