Thursday, August 4, 2011

Princess Purple

Not every princess needs pink ya know...

This little princess loves purple and glitter and sparkle.
No. I didn't paint this for myself but I doooooo LOVE it!

I sewed and hand painted this
custom canvas for a sweet young princess
who has a style all her own.

So, obviously I'm not the best photog in the world
(but my daughter Rachel is and will be coming home soon!
okay- that's another blog post)
so you can't see all the letters are glittered too well
or that the gemstones on the crown are 3D or
the quality of the beautiful sheer purple ribbon
so just pretend you can see all those things.

Here is the mirror that will go above this
princess's bed.
I am going to paint on her wall
just below the edge of the mirror,
a mural
that says:
Mirror Mirror on the Wall,
Kylie is the Fairest One of All.

With cute hearts before and after it.

Again you can't see from my photo too well
that I have glittered each stripe as well
as the details on the crown....of course.
And Yep. Gems in the crown too!Use your imagination to create
ideas on how you can have
me customize this idea
for you!
Maybe you just need the crown!
Maybe you have a mirror
of your own that you would like me to
personalize for you or your princess!

Check out my ESTY for more great ideas.

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