Thursday, August 18, 2011

Somewhere over the Rainbow

As an artist I've always believed
that if I painted what I wanted I would be
perfectly happy.

When the owner of this banner

picked it up without
"disturbing me"
because she knew I was so busy
I realized just how important
the customer's opinion means to me.

I was so excited to see her expression
and so disappointed when I didn't get that joy.
Luckily she called to tell me
how much her daughter was going
to enjoy it and that it was
just what she was hoping for!
Thank you to all
who trust me to
create your dreams!

This is a 5' wide by 3' tall painted canvas
that was ordered
with multiracial fairies,
butterflies and
most importantly
a Rainbow!

The Rainbow drops drip down
to color the flowers!

The butterflies play
among the flowers.

The fairy wings are glittered.
This special fairy princess
has a beautiful glittered dress
and sparkle necklace.

There is no limit to what can be created!
Let your imagination fly!

Then contact me so I can create your dream!