Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm so Tweet

I am all a twitter about birds these days.
Maybe it's my desire to just fly away and be a free spirit or that I wish I could sing or could it be the fact that I've been so busy that I haven't had time to bring new art into to the store at Grand Prairie....until now!

This little 8"x8" painting is actually painted canvas wrapped around a 2" thick wooden block with a hand cut little wooden painted bird on front.
I just love the colors. They seem so soothing to me.

I made a series of 3 of these great little bird paintings and put them on my
secret super sale.
There are no signs about the sale but they are
only $28 each!!!
Only my blog fans get the heads up so make sure
when you come to
Simply Everything Boutique
you check ALL the prices
'cause I sneak specials in to encourage
people to really go on a
treasure hunt in my area!
Don't cha just luuuv art treasures!?

So, I'm painting all these birds and
I keep misplacing my favorite bird brushes.
Imagine "Where's Waldo" but in paint and brushes.

"You Tweet Thing"
was the answer to that problem.

Okay, you can put pens or pencils in it too.

I thought this dresser would be great on a sun porch or solarium.
There is a sweet little group of birds gossiping sitting on top that are just fun to arrange in different ways and settings.

The next set of little birdies I paint I'm thinking of making ridiculous long legs for them. They could be used for garden stakes or plant pokes. What do you think?

Now, Jennifer is not at all into primitive art so she doesn't really get this piece but I just love it.

Those who know me understand that some pieces I sell
and some pieces have to be adopted.
This is one of "Those" pieces of art.
The Original Recyclers

The barnwood that the triptych is mounted on is from a local barn.
The nest is out of the Old State Hospital Building which is now called
The Bowen Building. The branches are also from that property.
These birds had made their homes from what everyone else discarded and thought was useless. It's exactly what I do! Next time someone calls me a bird brain I will say thank you with a smile!


Sarah. said...

I am digging your bird theme - the dresser and the original recyclers piece are supercool. I really love those three little birds on the dresser, and I really really love the idea of them having long wire legs.

Anne T Jo said...

I saw these at the SEB and LOVE them.