Sunday, August 2, 2009

Birthday Bash Book Brigade

Happy Almost Birthday to my dear sweet Daddy, Gus Errion!
He truly is the best father in the whole world. I am so so lucky.
Actually, anyone who happens to know him should feel lucky and yes that includes all of you who were on probation under his watch.
Yes, that watchful triangle of power!
(For those who haven't met Glen James Errion aka Gus- he has a power frown that created a triangle between his eyebrows that made grown convicted felons and police officers tremble.)
The funny thing is he's the nicest guy in the world that would do anything for you...(including sending you to jail if that was what was best for you).
We celebrated his 81st birthday
(which is actually Aug. 25th)
Originally we had planned to go on a big family trip out of town
but...we should have started planning last year for that.
Plan B was taking Dad to every used book store
in town (and out) and competing with the family
to see who could buy him the best books followed by
a pizza and ice cream bar to create the most masterful culinary art!

We started with Waxwing in Chillicothe.

Great place! Wonderful variety of books. Many collector books.
I won the first book of the day by buying a book of dirty limericks. Somehow the picture to prove it mysteriously disappeared from my camera after Suza borrowed it...hhhhmmmmm....
Suza won the best book award for finding books on the FBI. My father was an FBI agent before I was born!

On to our next adventure! Peoria here we come!

The Book Nook was big and beautiful
but....huh...we scored no books for dad
but Karen found about a dozen for herself! Go Karen!

On to the Dynasty to acquire sustenance in
order to recapture our fine honed book hunting skills.
Here is Bob when he thinks I'm not looking.
We left no book store unturned.
We found the new (er) Goodwill store
at the north end of town to see what treasures we could find.

Good thing we did! Suza might have missed this much sought after velvet senorita painting! Ho-lay!
Even Tracy made a purchase when he thought we weren't looking.
Now this store-
I know you like a book-
was my absolute hands down favorite bookstore by far.
Not only did it have an amazing variety of
good books at good prices but it serves wine
and has such a great cozy relaxed atmosphere!
After a couple of glasses of wine and the purchase of a few good books like
The Secrets of Hypnotism
and we were on our way to the pizza making competition!
No Fair! They brought in a ringer! Chef Ben worked his magic and won the cooking contest with Karen and Tracy coming in at a close 2nd. Karen made her Chicken Alfredo pizza and Tracy got extra points for home made pizza sauce on his 1/2 meatlovers 1/2 smop. Tracy also had an unfair advantage because back in the olden days he threw pies for Shakey's Pizza Parlor.
Chef Ben threw in a 1/2 sauerkraut/sausage and 1/2 purly pig pizza to take the cake...I mean Ice Cream!

As Dad gathered his loot we finished off the day with an ice cream bar overload that included waffle cups, marshmallows, coconut, whipped cream, chocolate crackle, Carmel syrup, Ande's mint chips, cocoa powder...ugh...there was more but I'm going into a sugar coma just thinking about it.....Guess I'm not the only one!
We had a great time celebrating and after checking everything off of our to do list we decided it was time to head home.
Eat, Drink, Read, Sleep, Repeat.

A good time was had by all!
Happy Birthday Daddy!


Shannon said...

What a fun way to celebrate a birthday!

Sarah. said...

Thanks for sharing, Mom. Wish we could have been there. Happy almost birthday, Poppo!

p.s. tell Suza I'm totally bummed. I had a velvet senorita painting all picked out for her Christmas present. I guess it's onto plan B...