Sunday, August 30, 2009

Let's catch up

Since the last time we talked...okay, I talked at you, there has been so much going on I don't even have time to tell ya the whole story right now but here is a quickie on what's to come.
The Bobbie Takashima seminar

was so so much fun and I'll have a sample of what we learned out at the SEB later today!

I'm working hard to get caught up on orders and I have begun to move things from my old SUS to the new store SEB. I still have display mannequins. doors, windows, art and supplies for you to buy so I don't have to move them. Come and get them quick!
Jennifer is doing her best to stop me from encroaching on her space but Pandora and I have our ways of taking over....mmmmwwwaaahhhahahhaahaaaaa.a..a.
This is a tiny little glimpse of my soon to be new studio work space!

Burgers on the Boardwalk was fun this past Wed.
and I got the Prime Spot right outside Exhibit A Art Gallery.

Sorry Joanne Thomas! I guess you'll just have to make due with your fancy Artist of the Month award from SEB around the corner this time! Thanks Julie for the place of honor in front of the gallery!
Next show is Sept. 16th but I don't think I can make it... or can I?????
Ya just never know so don't take a chance. Show up and have a good enough time for us both!
Oh look!!! It's Damn It Lori and I....but alas...the lass didn't show up last week.
Ya missed a good showing!

I got the best present ever from one of the guests who came for a burger and a stroll through the art show. My very own Kelsey original!!! She is a budding artist and has been helping me with the dome painting I'm doing in her grandparents house by giving her great suggestions on colors and designs.

You can't have MY painting but she is willing to create you a painting of your own for just $15!
You'll get to see the dome painting soon!!

Big happenings for our One State in the Arts artists! Can't show you pictures of our work yet cause it's TOP Secret until the Show. Not only are we getting ready to show our work at the Peoria Art Guild's River Front Art Show at the end of Sept. but there is ANOTHER big event we will be working on with Arts Partners very soon! I mean BIG!!! Like National attention big. Want in? Contact me and I'll give ya a little 411.

OH! I'm late for the the Neighborhood Art Sale before I run off to work at Simply Everything Boutique!
More soon!

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