Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wanna know a secret?

I'm going to tell you a big secret!!!
Curious fans have asked me for years where I get all my great treasures to paint on. Some of them I buy at garage sales or find them garbage picking, many are given to me but the majority of fabulous finds are found here at
Pekin Used Furniture
215 Court St. Pekin, Il 61554.
(309) 346-9811.
The handsome mature man there is Fritz with his wonderful son Tony.
Together they run one heck of a treasure hunt! They have the best deals around by far and you won't meet a more friendly guy!
Truth is I have been buy from him for about 15 years now!
He has always done me right. He has donated whenever I've asked him to. He has actually give things to me for free when I've bought waaayyy too much.
Today I donated items back to him since I am leaving my studio and told him I had to find a mattress and box spring for a gentleman getting out of the hospital who was coming home to absolutely NO furniture. He has a place to go but NOTHING in it, not even a bed. I just couldn't stand hearing that!
Fritz being his wonderful self not only found me a mattress and box spring but a frame as well and DONATED it to me!
I sure hope you guys will all go visit Fritz and tell him I sent ya.
It's sooooo much funthere! Treasures every where!!! There is another kind of semi open, semi secret store up the block too. If you ask real nice his son Tony will walk you down there for a little look-see. You'll be one of the special few who get to.
Show me what you find!
I LOVE that place and Fritzy too!!!

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