Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our First Day

Labor Day was the first official full time day for
Simply Everything Boutique.
Annette and Leslie officially manned or I guess womaned the sales counter

with the support team of Shelia and Keith while I moved van load after van load of painting supplies from my
Something Unique Studios
in Bartonville to the back of SEB.

What an exciting first day. The weather was perfect, the store was clean and bright, brimming with unique art and the customers came streaming in!!!
Unfortunately you will notice Jennifer is missing from the story:>(
Her son had a health emergency Wed. which has lead them to Florida to find a miracle cure which I firmly believe is going to happen:)
This one's for you Jen!!! Here is a bit of what you missed.
Congrats on being brave enough to change your whole world so I can take over the world and fill it with art and fun people!
Leslie and Annette were at the ready with the chant-
Show me the Money!!!
Professional and beautiful they played Romy and Michelle, straightening and displaying so everything was just perfect.
Look!!! Our first dollar as a new full time store!!! Now just a million more to go!

I, on the other hand, would escape from the back room where my new studio will be located, with hair pins flying to ramble about some found art treasure I hadn't seen since I moved into my art palace three years ago in Bartonville, to bump into an entire store full of art
cone suers and fairy princesses!
These two adorable divas were lucky enough to add two tutus from
Brooklyn's Bows
to their wardrobe.

Emma and Lily
were more than happy to model for the store audience and a fine job they did!
I'm sorry to say I missed the photo op with the couple that was lucky enough to buy Andrew Odum's copper dragonfly. The picture would have been of them trying to figure out how to fit the the 6 ft. wingspan into their vehicle!!! None of us thought about that when we were mesmerized by the beauty of his sculpture!
Where there is a will there is a way and they drove their treasure home. I pictured in my mind the dragonfly strapped to the roof of their car, wings out, ready to take them away!!
I work today Tuesday from 4-9 so come out to see first hand The Adventures of Amy in my new world!

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