Saturday, September 19, 2009

We really DO have everything!!!

So, I got moved into my new studio in the back of
Simply Everything Boutique!
I am going to be working the counter a bit more
now that I am there but hopefully I will be
spending a lot of my time painting
wonderful orders for creative clients.
I also plan to continue painting
murals in homes and businesses.
I am looking forward to showing you the
Dome I am painting in the most
beautiful home being built!
For now here are a few pics of the art
IN the store!

This painting is on sale
50% off ONLY for those reading this blog.
Mention you saw the sale here and save $400!!!
A little variety adds some spice to life!

OOOpppsss! Sold.
Order one just how you like
it for only $28.

I have been searching for the best new artists
craftsmen and craftswomen
to add variety to our store
and I am so happy
to announce that
Deb Inman of Little Creek
is making wonderful natural
lotions, oils and candles
for us now.
(And at such amazing prices!!)

I personally love the
caramel nut and frosted pumpkin
scents for fall.

Has anyone besides me been chewed
on by every spider and mosquito on the planet lately?
This anti-itch roll on is fabulous!
It really works!

I've been having such fun with our new customers!
Brooklyn's Bows
is known for her children's accessories
but doesn't this flower look great on
this customer?
Did you notice her finger nails just happened to
be a perfect match to the flower?

This customer was sooooo excited
about the handmade ceramic
tic tac toe games
made by Chuck Flagg
that she ordered 10 more sets
to send as gifts to
Norway and England!
For just $8 a set
they come with all the pieces
AND a cute little carrying bag
that doubles as the board to
play on!
So easy to ship!

Today Vicky came in looking
for a pin to dress up her basic
beautiful black top.
She found the perfect pin
handmade by Ann Pastucha.
This polymer clay design added
the perfect accent that
took her outfit from
plain to eye catching
for just $15!
Okay, I'm going to work on my photography skills.
This picture just does not due justice
to Vicky or the pin.
They are both stunning!
I am soooo proud of our artists.
I hope you come and get to know them all.
If you've had a good time shopping
in our store I would love
for you to share your thoughts
with our fans!
Write a comment here or
send me a note on my
personal Email.


Sarah. said...

the tic tac toe set looks cool!$8 is a steal.

Little Creek Happenings said...

I need to see the tic tac toe set! Yes, $8.00 is a steal. Thanks so much for the posting about Little Creek, but there is only one thing, couldn't you have waited to take my pic until after my hair appointment? hee hee.

I am so excited about the new aroma therapy candle line I am bringing in that has my new label on them. The label design was made for me by my artist friend, Dion Carlton. Have a great day tomorrow!!!!!!!