Saturday, September 26, 2009

Too much to talk about

I have so much going on I don't dare wait
to at least list some of them as a reminder for when
I have more time to really give you the full story.
Well, speaking of the full story,
Clare Howard is writing an article about
Simply Everything Boutique

that I hope is going to be in Sunday's paper.
I can't wait to see what she writes about us.
I hope they took pictures of my
hand painted chairs
because they are selling like Halloween hot cakes!
Unfortunately, they are selling so fast I
didn't get a picture of the last 4 or 5 of them.
But, I did get some quick pictures of these!

I am hoping these fun wine purses sell
just as well as the chairs.
Gee, I think these are swell!
Snow Leopard, Hot Pink, Holiday Red
are just a few of the great colors they come in.
What a great hostess gift! They even include the corkscrew.
This sure beats the heck out of being announced
at your next soiree with a brown paper bag in hand!!

I also have a picture of the ffaaaabbbbuuulllooouuusss
necklace Leslie Schenkel lent me
to wear to the Fine Art Fair today.

I got a million great comments and compliments, even from other
glass artists!
This one is still for sale if you can get me to give it back!

I spent the day at the Fine Art Fair,
not just as a patron but as an invited
guest to display our
See Change Mural

for all to enjoy!
The purpose is to not only show off
how great our artists are but to give an
example of what we can do to improve the
city of Peoria if we all pull together
instead of compete.

Come by tomorrow and see our
proud display and say hi to me.
I'll give you a discount coupon for
my art work at SEB if ya do.

This is the first time in 22 years
I WON'T be at Spoon River Drive in Farmington Park.
My sadness was washed
away by the rain as I set up the tent for the
Fine Art Fair on Friday
with my wonderful husband Tracy
and his buddy Jim.

Then again
today when I got a call from
one of my artists saying he was on his way to the show
but had to pull off the road because of the
rain and hail in Metamora as he drove through
I remembered why I am not racing to
Spoon River Drive this year!
Luckily Deb Inman of Little Creek
will be there at Reed Park in Farmington
selling her lotions, candles and soaps and
letting people know I'm not dead yet
(which I am sure is the only reason
they could imagine for me not being there).
Jennifer Slater will be
displaying Scentsy Wickless Candles
in Canton along with a couple of my princess
pieces so those people know I'm around as well.
I'm looking forward to talking
with Amy Lambert of CICreative
about working on future projects together.
Speaking of future projects,
I hear through the grapevine that Arts Partners is going to
be trying to one up themselves after their fine job
on the
One State in the Arts Conference!
Curious? Good!
Check back in for details!


Sarah. said...

so cool, Mom!! Your mural looks awesome.

Did you have a lot of traffic at the fair? I can't wait to hear about it!

Little Creek Happenings said...

I love the mural Amy. I love all your work!!!! I was so happy that the weather finally cleared up. I wish I could be there but you know that I have been very busy getting ready for the Spoon River Drive that is this coming weekend. I will miss you there :(. I will make sure I tell the ol' flower man hello for you! He has probably been at the scenic drive ever since the drive started, lol, but he certainly has the most beautiful Mums. I can't wait to hear more about the Fine Art Fair. Here is to a great and successful day tomorrow!

Rachel said...

Very cool momma. I do miss Spoon River, just not the weather! Hey, how much do one of those wine purses run? I have a friend whose birthday is coming up, and I think that would be perfect. Let me know, k?
Kiss noise,