Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Burgers on The Boardwalk Art Show!

The next Burgers on the Boardwalk is Aug 5th and Aug 26.
Here is just a "taste" of what you missed.
They say a picture's worth a thousand words...

This is me and what's her name bonding over burgers.

Jeremie Draper's Glass is amazing! Traffic stopping even!

I know! Amazing right?!!
We had our own Drive Buy at the show...
Here I am playing Vana as Michele drove up.

Here Michele is buying...Okay, I loooovee everything in Anecdotes.
Look how cute her dress is with those fab dishes next to her! Darling!
Dorothy Thornton always looks great.
I think Barb at Exhibit A was lucky enough to talk her into selling a couple paintings at Exhibit A Art Gallery. Good for you both!

The Websters were there.

Cissy was there too. Sandy was hiding but she was there.
Ken was showing off his stuff.
Adrienne can't wait for the next show!
Jo Anne "rocked" the place!
Now there were lots more artists who had wonderful work that you missed but the computer ate their pictures. No, really. They were there downloading and then-Freezo. Kaput. Gone.
Guess you will have to show up next Wed. with hungry bellies and a thirst for art to see more.

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