Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nick rock's Ham n' Jam

If you missed the Nick Boettcher Band at the Ham n' Jam
(and I know you did cause I didn't see ya there)
you should be bummed cause they were great.
Unfortunately my video skills are not great so you can't actually see much on the video I took and the sound is terrible but...maybe if you go to
you'll hear what their music is supposed to sound like.
It was great to see Nick and his buddies in P Town jammin' fingers to the bones!
Roy Ponce who is a great guitarist/bass player sat in on drums and was awesome! Brandon Mooberry on bass and Josh Means on guitar were fantastic as well.
When I figure out how to download the video you will see Nick playing
You Don't Know Me by Ray Charles
while the guys change guitars and getting set for the next song...
oh and throw back shots!
Surprise Nick! While you were singing your heart out they were back there drinking to your continued health and success.
Yea! Caught you on tape!
Luckily for you Nick is bringing his Chicago band DriveTrain to the Peoria Heights Tower Park Festival Aug. 8th to headline! It's always a great easy comfortable fun festival. Hope to see ya there!

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