Friday, July 17, 2009

Get Motivated!!!

Why would anyone put such an unflattering picture of themselves out there for the world to see? Cause it's the only one I've got. HUH.

This is Jennifer and I at the Get Motivated Business Seminar in Moline yesterday.

I did take many other pictures all of which look like they were taken underwater in the Mississippi River. My daughter Rachel obviously didn't get her photog skills from me. Luckily there will be pictures of Rudy Giuliani, Zig Ziglar, Robert Schuller, Tamara Lowe, Dr. Earl Mindell, Rick Belluzzo (Pres. of Mircrosoft), Bob KittelKrish Dhanam and Phil Town because Jennifer takes a much better picture than I do....and obviously I mean that in every way possible.

SO-what did we learn?
Well, I learned that I'm charging you $300 to find out. Just kidding!

Thanks to the generosity of Doris Symonds who is the President of T.A.L.K. (which is rightly named because she is one of the few who can keep up with my rate of chatter, but it's actually a women's business networking organization) we got these
$300 tickets for free.
Thanks Doris!

About 15 of us carpooled to the seminar and it was fun to meet other local business women like Shelia Huber and Tina Feruson who are serious about creating an amazing future for themselves and others.
We got to the show and after circling the entire I Wireless Center twice, we found there were NO seats left in the premier seating. Afflicted with the curse of politeness, Jennifer sweetly asked several people, several times about where we could sit, at which point they would blink and point to the goose that was running around the arena and asked if we would please follow...again.
I, on the other hand, have NO such issue and assumed this was our test to see if we were really motivated enough to get into their motivational seminar. Once I heard the roar of the crowd emphasizing the fact that we had just official MISSED the beginning of our event I quickly sprang into action by grabbing the first person I saw with a radio/walkie talkie (do they still call them that these days?). I put on my best smile and said hi! We'd like you to let us up in the balcony please. Looking confused he pointed to the banner blocking the stairs and said..huuuuhhhhhh... it's closed and then he told us to sit in the Premier seating. I said, we would LLoooovvveeee to... if there was an open seat, so if you can find 7 seats for us asap, you are our hero!!
Now a look of panic crosses his face and I offer him a way out. I said, you can either open the balcony or sit us in the VIP section where there are obviously open seats.
In a flash this young gentleman grabbed Reggie and pushed him toward us and took off like his pants were on fire. Reggie who was in the middle of solving a dozen other problems at the time glanced at us while he finished his sentence that he had started with another group.
Now, I hear the crowd again...I just KNOW we are missing the most important information on the planet, that God had timed for me to hear with this exact group of people at this exact point in my life.
(Okay, this must be a GREAT motivational program because we haven't even gotten IN there yet and I am creating all sorts of new plans of action to get what I want!)
I quickly retell our tale and suggest he get us seats asap and he makes the mistake of showing us that we need
"these" tickets

to get down to the VIP section.
He had 2 in his hand that I'm sure were on their way to someone else. Giving them to Doris's nieces so they could save our seats when we get down there I say GREAT! Now we just need 5 more! Reggie grabs Mark (who happens to have an ear piece in and looks important mostly because of his size and serious expression) and looks pleadingly at him. Yep, I jump in and ask his name, shake his hand, thank him for the help he is about to give us. Seeing that it's easier to give me my way than to argue (smart man and probably happily married), he allows Reggie to escort us, himself, all the way to the VIP section and smooth talk the security. Now, I was feeling pretty pleased with myself as we passed by all the others walking in circles trying to figure out what to do next.
We only missed a couple minutes of the warm up and were there in perfect time to hear all the speakers!
There was a great line up!
Each speaker had their own area of expertise. Family, finance, investments, Internet, business strategies, leadership.... They offered several seminars to further our education at special discounted rates.
They had pyrotechnics, music, confetti blasters...
It was a full day and gave us all things to think about. Everyone seemed to have different opinions about what was THE BEST information given.
Now I just need to start a website, E Commerce business, investment group, save the world in order to get more than I give, and create 6 new sources of income.

But for now...I'm going to go pack for the Chicago Gift Market! I leave tomorrow 5:30AM!


Tamara said...

Thank you for attending Get Motivated and taking the time to blog about it! I'm delighted to hear that you had a wonderful time! I'm so glad you were able to be with us.


Tamara Lowe, Co-founder and EVP
Get Motivated Seminars, Inc.

Drew said...

Hello this is Drew The Gentleman who got to step up onto the stage and get Some Applauses and a Hundred Dollars. The seminar was great form start to finish. I wanted it to never end. I look forwawrd to next years seminar.

Anne T Jo said...

Amy, you "Rule" on so many levels. :)