Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Birthday Blog

What a great great fun day yesterday was. I survived being 50 which is more than I can say for several celebs.
Here is one of my best birthday surprises!!

Nick talked to me on the phone just an hour before wishing me well and I had NO idea that he was actually walking in our front door while I was painting at my studio.
Tracy and I met for pizza at Fire House Pizza and TA-DA!!! There was Nick!
Not only did he show up for lunch but he is staying until tomorrow so he has time to help with the electrical nightmare Tracy has started with his electronics addiction.
Once we get all this accomplished Nick will be singing for his supper (which will consist of Beer) at an open jam in Peoria Heights.
We really miss hearing him play and sing and although his websites are's not the same as hearing him in person. We are going to be gone to my grandson's 2nd Birthday when Nick opens for Travis Tritt but we will be back for Ham n' Jam and Tower Park Festival!!!
This will be a nice mini warm up!
I mean come on! How many people get a professional musician to sing happy birthday to them! All the other non-professionals who sang to me were equally as wonderful...maybe not as on tune....
My grandson Alex sang me his version of happy B day to B and when I asked his ma how long he'd been practicing she said - They hadn't!!! Evidently, at 2 years old Alex has decided to break out on his own in the music world. Great Start! Watch out uncle Nick!
More birthday fun details soon!

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Jackie said...

Ummm, not to break any rules or anything, but you didn't turn 50 on this birthday. You turned 51. And for the record, that makes you older than me. Jackie