Saturday, July 4, 2009

Simply Everything Boutique Open House

Neither rain nor snow nor sleet nor gloom of night...

Will stop artists from celebrating and sharing their creations!

Fortunately we didn't have a bit of sleet or snow, there was however a lot of rain!!!
By noon we were thinking of recreating Noah's Ark but then the Prescott Family showed up with their instruments and got the party rolling! Like the Pied Piper, people seemed to magically stream in once the music started.

The customers that were lucky enough to win the drawings every half hour were thrilled at the beautiful art the received just for showing up to our store!

Beautiful necklaces, paintings, bracelets, pottery, knitted scarves, copper sculptures, candle pots and mosaics were given away

but I think one of the most enthusiastic winners was the gentleman who won the Star Buck's Coffee!

How, you ask, is coffee in any way considered art? I suppose we could stretch it to include culinary art but the truth is we have a wonderfully creative young artist who sews Starbucks Bags, purses sewn out of recycled bags that the Starbucks Coffee comes in.
Now, before you even think about passing judgment in any way other than favorable, you have to see them!!!
These purses are absolutely darling and incredibly well sewn. The Starbuck's company spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on teams of graphic artists, designers, marketing experts and analysts to create the art for each of the different sizes and flavors of coffee they sell.
Now this was the one gift that had a catch if you wanted to keep it. You had to agree to bring back the bag when it was empty so we can recycle it into another beautiful work of art.
For those hard to buy women in your lives...this is a great gift AND you can buy yourself a present of a beautiful bag of coffee the next time you want Heidi to make you a gift!
Here is our Grand Prize Winner showing off her treasures!!!

Shirley won a Sentsy Wickless Candle Pot, Copper Sun Sculpture, Knitted Scarf, Jewelry, watercolor painting, pottery, books and Sunflower painting created on a vintage window! Whew! I'm sure there was more in there but you get the idea that she walked away with half the store just for coming in and eating cookies and socializing with the artists who created these amazing works!
Here is just a little more of what you missed...
Owner Jennifer Slater singing God Bless America with the Prescott Family Band accompanying her.

Here is the Lady Bug Babie's Room Jen designed! Buy the whole room the way it is or have her design one just for you.

Now, the bad news is if you didn't make it in today~I'm missed a great time and all sorts of one of a kind art was sold that you will never get to see!
The good news is...We'll be open tomorrow Sunday from 11-5!!!
We'd love to hear from all of you who were lucky enough to come out and share in the fun!
Amy -
Jennifer -


Little Creek Happenings said...

Oh how awesome!!! Congratulations on the great open house. The art is beautiful! Deb Inman

Jessica (Hey Lola) said...

Amy! It looks like you guys had fun and everything looks gorgeous :)

Anne T Jo said...

You are right--the coffee purses are soooooo cool. REALLY nice combination of arty fun and VERY professional workmanship. In fact, they are so beautifully constructed that I actually had to convince someone that they were hand made. :)