Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On the Move Sale- Something Unique Studios that is!

Thaaatt's right! I'm moving. It's official.
Something Unique Studios is moving in with Simply Everything Boutique at the end of Sept out at the Shoppes at Grand Prairie! Although I will miss my art palace I am really looking forward to spending more time out at the new store.

Now with every great move comes a

See this cute bench that says Sit and Imagine?
Well, it just sold today and you missed it cause you didn't come out to see what I had.
Now, are ya going to let that happen again?
Here is what my place looks like. It's right behind the Old State Hospital Building in Bartonville Industrial Park.

I have old windows for sale.
$5 each unless you want the whole lot of them. If you take 20 I'll give them to ya 1/2 off!
I have doors too.
$5 each.
What do you mean, what they heck are ya supposed to do with them?
How about displays for art shows, make shift tables, paint on them, make head boards out of them, make benches, shelves, room dividers....
Gesh! What can't ya do with them?

I have scrap wood too. Who has a wood burning stove or fireplace that needs kindling?
I have boards that will have to go cause there just ain't no room for them. Who else likes to cut, saw and sand?

Oh, and I have art, furniture and holiday displays for sale too!

Check out at Simply Everything Boutique next to the Black and White Store because I will be putting a lot of my furniture on sale there too, to make room for all the stuff I'm going to move in.

See ya soon!

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