Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CICREATIVE SPACE and super secrets

Thanks so much to Amy Lambert of CI CREATIVE
for sharing her wonderful space with me this week.
Her place is just two doors from
our store
Simply Everything Boutique
out at the
Shoppes at
Grand Prairie.

Now you are probably wondering why I am painting and creative there when I have a perfectly beautiful store of my own that now houses my
Something Unique Studios.
Well, you can see by the size of this project
there just ain't no way, no how,
that I was going to fit a 7 foot canvas banner
in my studio.
Lucky for me the Other Amy created a place for
artists of all types
to create our wonderful works.

It's wonderful to have the room to wonder
around in circles and look at it from every angle.
You are getting to see my
super secret
That broken picture frame works
as a square when I am too lazy
to go find mine.
Then there is my fancy circle maker
and my make shift drop cloth is
flooring paper
builders use to protect hardwood floors.
I often use chalk to sketch on canvas
in a color that will blend in the
painting if it doesn't all wipe off.
File folders can be used
in a pinch to cut simple
stencils for a one use project.
Contact Amy Lambert if
you need a space to create!

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