Sunday, November 8, 2009

We rocked Rocco with Art Works

Here's how it all started.
My gals Zetter and Chit called me and said,
"Yo, Amio'".
We need your army of artists
at this kick butt event we are hostin'
~ Art Works~
to show Rocco what's what.
I said, "Hey gals! Count me in"!
That's when I called my first crew.

I said, HEY Kiddos!
Wanna show'em who's boss with the paint brush?
They said- You know it!
At this point
(just hours before the actual painting begins,
minutes after Tom Gross gets the call)
my artists are chomping at the bit
to make magic on the windows in the lobby
of Eastlight Theatre at East Peoria High School.
If you follow my
Army of Artists
you'll notice a few new faces.
Suzette Boulais of Arts Parnters
and Kathy Chitwood of Eastlight Theatre
didn't throw any paint
but they were there cheering us on at every brush stroke.
Pam Miller from Michael's
and Phoebe Johnson,
sister to potter Jake Johnson
both rose up to meet the challenge
even though they weren't sure
what the challenge was until they got there!

We all worked together
adding ideas and details to
each others paintings!

Hi Carol!!! Isn't she so dog gone cute?

It isn't easy to catch a photog on camera!
Go me!
The Peoria Camera Club was there
recording this historical, hysterical event.
The painting wasn't the only thing to
get colorful as
creative language concepts
were freely explored.
I can't wait to see what THEY got on film!
(Yes, I realize that no one actually uses film any more
and that CD's aren't records
even though they still call them albums.)

Now this was painted on Sunday
before the Rent Event
so those coming in and out of the lobby
could enjoy a small sample of our art Friday.
Ding, Ding,...Round one goes to our amazing artists!

Now for Round Two!
The Round Table Discussions.

No seriously folks.
Here is the real crew.
8 am our artist begin to make their way to the 4th floor of the Civic Center outside room 405 where the Round Table discussions were held.

Ross Stovall and James Flanigan
and Tom Warren
of the amazingly successful,
"See Change" adventure
came back for more with
Art Works
Rocco Landesman.

New additions
Morgan Elser of Delavan
Phoebe Johnson
and Pam Millercame along to inspire us with their unique styles of art as well.
Luckily I had my fan club there helping me make artistic decisions.

At the civic center where the round table discussions were held we produced art so those coming and going could see artists at work, creating works of art right there!
Oh! And boy did we work!
Here we are working on lunch!

Yeah.... Go ahead. Eat your hearts out!
The food was really really great.
Here was our camera crew before the paparazzi frenzy started!
Thanks Peoria Camera Club.Then Rocco and crew came out to admire our work and wow!!As the excitement died down we cleaned up,
raced to WTVP where we all voiced our
ideas and concerns to Mr. Landesman.
It was actually a very entertaining interesting hour!

Then off to Eastlight to set our fabulous art we had created that day!
The reception started at 5:30 and for those of us who had only eaten the end of our paint brush since our morning looked pretty good to us.
What do you think?
Now how cute is this?
No! We know Phoebe is a doll!!!
I meant the tuxedo chocolate strawberry!

Rent was incredible!
The whole day was a hit.
Mr. Landesman seemed very sincere
giving hugs and telling everyone
he has a big crush on the gals!

Now, you would think that would be just about all anyone could ask for in the art world wouldn't ya. But no! Dream bigger!
Ross was asked to display his painting of the ballerinas
by Erich Yetter at the Peoria Ballet
and maybe even the next two in the series as well!
James Flanigan called to say he has been asked
to teach sculpture classes because of it.
Tom Warren got national attention and in the Peoria Journal Star!
Phoebe, Pam and I all got wonderful comments and made new fans with our art.
I've had new artists now
wanting to join my art army!
I'm working on the logo for our shirts already.
What a glorious day for art and Peoria!
Whew! Okay, these were only the highlights.
So much more happened.
Make sure you don't miss the next one!
Let's keep it rolling!

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vicki said...

Hey Amy, What an awesome post !!! You know I can't draw a stick person but I have always been amazed at the talent you and Sarah have and share w/so many people. Your post was so exciting and I couldn't quit reading it. I am very happy for you and your art friends. You truly have a special gift. Luv ya, Vicki (Grammy)