Monday, October 19, 2009

Artist Injured Reaching for the Stars

See Change at Heartland Partnership
I don't know if you can consider pulled muscles
from patting yourself on the back
a work related injury or not.
So far I'm not getting much sympathy
as I keep aggravating the condition
by repeatedly reliving the situation that caused it.

What the heck am I talking about?
Today I put up the "See Change" progressive mural at the
Heartland Partnership Building
on the River Front.

Below you see "us" working away.
Ryan Spain
did the honors of putting in the first hole in the wall.
Unfortunately no one but me saw that
so the other 20 holes that I created
caused quite a stir in the office.
I assured the gals that I have plenty of filler
and that it would be all okay
(while pointing to Ryan mouthing
it's all HIS fault!).
We decided the way to solve the problem
is to always have art hanging there!

The staff was extremely encouraging
and grateful to have something
that was beautiful AND about Peoria
to liven up their offices and boardroom.

Wow! What a difference a little art makes, huh?
Below you see Tom Gross' painting
in the private office of
The Pres. Jim McConoughey.

This next painting is Adrienne's
and is also in the big boardroom.
See the big blank space next to it?
That is where they are going to be
putting President Obama's photo.
I hung Adrienne's art
right next to where
everyone speaks during meetings!
That's going to be hard to miss!

Ross and James and I are using our
paintings to greet the public and
to introduce them to quality art
by local artists
as they come into the building.

We are pulling double duty as
this is the view the receptionists
and guests get to see too.
All in all I think it looks fabulous!
Looks like so does Ryan!
Here is the Email he sent me this

Everything looks great! Thank you very much. We are very proud and honored to display the See Change collection at the Heartland Partnership.

Best always,


Oh!! Ouch! ugh...
Sorry, I just reread the blog.


Sarah. said...

very cool, Mom! That really does change the space!

tom said...

Amy thank you for your tireless work to promote art throughout the city!!! You are amazing - weird - but amazing. Tom