Wednesday, October 7, 2009

FREE Daily Giveaways!

I am so excited to tell you that my daughter Sarah Evans has a chance for FREE giveaways on this website to promote her etsy shop- chachkedesigns. Go to to go through Twitter or

@agiveawaydaily I just entered to win a set of 48 Monster Cupcake Toppers from @chachkedesigns

If you've never checked out her site you are going to LLLOOOVVVVEEEE it! REALLY!
I'm not just saying that. As a matter of fact- what started out as a little side line something to do to keep her sanity (what's left of it) while raising the most perfect boy on the planet, has blossomed in to a demanding business.
Her old fashioned train invitations were such a hit that she had to write SOLD OUT! on them and people were finding her though Google and begging for her to keep making them.
Unfortunately for her but great for you all, she inherited the inability to say NO.

I wish I could down load the pictures of her work but I'm not yet that cyber savvy so just go look for yourself and sign up to try to win free things @agiveawaydaily.

Good luck!

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