Friday, October 9, 2009

Public Opinion

I love to hear from all my friends about what they really think of my art.
As an artist I obsess over little things that I think "make" the art special.
Am I the only one who cares about these details or does the public "get it" too?
Tell me. Really do.
This Moon Man painting was created on an old table top.
I left the rough texture of the
original peeled paint underneath because I thought it felt
and looked like the surface of the moon.
I also painted the back but didn't fill in the
holes from where the legs were mounted so
that people can understand the history of the piece.
Part of my art is to show that everything
and everyone can be remade into something
beautiful if you care enough to take the time to do it.
Should I have smoothed it all out
to have that perfectly smooth surface like
when you buy something new?
Sorry- Can't do it.
I just love the idea of this piece.
I think every woman should feel like a princess
every morning as they get dressed,
as well as little girls.
How could I turn this idea into something adults would want?
Can you imagine going to your dresser
every morning feeling like Rachel Zoe,
pulling out every pretty thing you own?
I loved the rough natural used organic feel of the
bamboo so I left it matte finish.
Barb, at Exhibit A Art Gallery
told me she thought
I should varnish it and I could triple the price.
I respect her opinion very much and
I am working up the courage to put a nice
yellowy lacquer that is kind of drippy over it.
I understand the piece will
look more finished instead of rough folk art.
It's still going to be hard for me to do.
But I guess growing up is hard sometimes.
I'm still not going to up the price though.
I have a special order for this painting to change the size and colors.
I LOOOVVEEE doing that!!
I know!
Most artists HATE to have to
change their art to what someone else wants
but I LOVE that it will be just what they want and love.
The swirls of steam are the gossip people chat about over coffee.
It's so fun to add "the" sayings that make the stories
at family gatherings.
This moon is only about 12" -15" tall but I think he is so dear.
I'm just over the moon about him!
He has faint yellow stars in him and glittered lightly.
He's only $25 because I want everyone
to have him & love him.
He's displayed with Halloween right now
but I think he is such a great dreamy
bedroom or reading room piece.

So, let me know what you think... really. Let me know.

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Rachel said...

Love the bamboo piece! Very cool.