Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fancy Shmancy

I guess the universe
wants to keep our day yesterday
just for those who were lucky enough of
actually come by and see for themselves
because I've been trying to upload the photos
I took yesterday at the
Fancy Schmancy Festival
and it keeps popping up Error soooo....
I would advise all of you to
make sure you make it to the next show
Nov. 14th in Pekin Park
to see what you missed.
This festival's donations go to food for the pantries in Peoria.
I won a fantastic knit cap for a silent auction bid of only $10.
I think it's going to look great on my grandson.
Unfortunately I lost the bid for the message:(
I sure coulda used that!
You can donate even if you're NOT in the show!!

Some of my favorites were:
Of course-
Pam Miller Designs- polymer clay jewelry and classes.
We shared the best spot on the patio in the
sunshine with a great view of the river.
THANKS Sarah and Karen!!!
Thanks to Pam for the cool scarf!!
Pam bought me a fun lumpy crocheted scarf for only $5!!!
Yes! $5!! Love it!
I'm telling ya. You missed the sales of the century!
Pam and I met when I was in Michael's.
She works there and I live there.
Well, maybe just stay there for long periods of time
wandering around in a creative stupor.
We both love a sale and anything creative.
Our neighbor
Andrew Odum
was next door with his great copper work.
Not only did he play rescue hero on several occasions
but he bought Pizza from Old Chicago
and delivered to our tent!
WOW! Thanks Andrew!
was there as well with their cool hip
Megnets $4
and fun funky decor.
Jen Short was way over yonder with her
jewelry and photos.
Janet Hill with Free to Bead
had the most amazing
crystal bead necklace with burgundy
ribbon looped between
for only $35!!!
People! Seriously!
These artists are selling below
what it costs them to make it!!
BUY your

You can find most of the
artists mentioned at our
Simply Everything Boutique store
out at the
Shoppes at Grand Prairie.

The ones who aren't there yet...
I'll catch up with you sooner or later
but I have their info so
contact me if you need to
find someone with cool art for sale!
Hannah Offut
was there singing her heart out
while artists created works on site to be
auctioned off.
What a great day.
I hope you all will come
to the next one!

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Shannon said...

It really was a beautiful day. I'm looking forward to the Holiday Shop next month! :)