Saturday, February 19, 2011

Educational End Table

Educational, Useful and Beautiful
This is the first of in a series
of educational art that
could be a wonderful addition
to a classroom, game room or
for adults or children.

End Table or Checkerboard?
With important messages.
Words of Wisdom
Patterns, shapes and colors
to encourage creative design skills.
Improve Math and Dexterity skills.

Encourages curiosity.
Blank sides on the blocks
give your eye a rest
room to decorate them yourself
decorate your room.

Surprises inside and out and upside down.
Notice the hand painted ceramic knob.
Oh! The Rainbow Game!
with special dice.
Colors AND numbers on the dice to make the game
easy enough for the very young
or harder for older children
and even harder for adults.

Do you go farther using the number first or color first?
Two colors could come up.
Which color you choose first changes the outcome.

And just when you think you've seen it all.

Here is another game on the bottom.
The Go For It Game.
Playful painting for a relaxed playful attitude.

Don't ya just LOVE a FREE turn!?
STARt you over.
Play with one or two dice.
Extend the game by having to reach
your pretty petal potential
by having to get the exact number.
No matter which way you look at this
It's all good.

I hope you take the time to

I'd love to hear what new games or
uses you come up with for this
Educational Art.
Contact me to have me design your
custom art furniture.

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Pam Miller Designs said...

Adorable and very clever!