Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Husband's New Love

Meet my husband's NEW love.
The custom made by
Cyber Power

Super Duper Deluxe
There are all sorts of numbers
and letters that go along with this
lightning fast
gaming computer
that you can find out all about
on my husband's new website
he is having designed
to brag about her.
I hope Boettcher Design Services
Chief Architect Drawing System
will be very happy together.

This gamer computer is so fast
he has time to Play-
Oh...I mean work
on 2 screens at the same time!

Now it might sound like I'm a little jealous
of this new techno babe but the truth is...

I am actually the one that encouraged this
cyber relationship.
My husband Tracy Boettcher
has been an amazing builder and draftsman
for over 30 years and is a very hands on guy.

But I thought it was time for old dogs to learn new tricks.
By now you are probably aware of my efforts
to become friendly with the Social Media World
and misery really does love company.
Being the exceptionally quick learner he is
it took him no time to learn this system.
He can create the most amazing
house plans and room additions within
Even better he can build them too!
I can't tell you how many house plans he's
gotten from some big firms that look pretty but
can't be built!
With 30 years of experience in building and drawing
he knows what will actually work.

So, I will happily support this polygamist relationship
because Tracy is so so happy
creating new beautiful homes
just like I am creating my art.
I'll be posting examples of his beauties soon!
Contact Tracy at boettcherdesignservices@gmail.com
to let him know what you think of his
new love!