Friday, February 11, 2011

Magnetic Personality

These could be words to live by.
What are yours?

In my endeavor for
world domination through art
I've now moved in to the
cyber world
by starting an
ETSY shop.
This is a way to run a hand made
arts and or crafts store
without having to get dressed or do your hair.

Now working on these new fangeled machines
has been a bit of a challange for me (surprise, gasp!),
so I haven't figured out how to put
my {SIC} Greeting Cards
in downloadable, self printable form just yet
on my SUSBYME,

I decided to help you all express yourselves freely
through my magnet line!

Rarely at a loss for words,
this series of magnets
allows you and me BOTH
to express ourselves freely.
Magnets can be customized to say just want you want
to express without having to say it a million times.
Great for office desks, fridges or kids magnetic boards,
these can say it all.
These make great hostess gifts
and fit in greeting cards

Now, if a picture is worth a thousand words
but the pictures have words on them
how many is that worth?
Is that like...words2 squared?

I'll be making wedding reminders and birthday party favors
in magnetic form soon,
so you have that to look forward to.
If you have ideas or suggestions for magnets sayings or designs
just let me know.
I give discounts for quantity orders so give me a jingle
to find out how much you can save.
I would love for you to heart or favorite me ETSY site!

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