Monday, February 7, 2011

Let's get personal

Being new to the whole social media world
I have been repeatedly cautioned to
not mix my personal world with my professional world
if I want to be taken seriously.
Well, I want to be taken
joyously, enthusiastically, playfully.

I am hoping people come to my site
to get inspired!!!
This should do it.

My family really does inspire me on so many levels
that there is no way I can't share this!!

I've always taught my children to
follow their dreams.

My daughter Rachel is a professional photographer

who has spent the last 3 years in Colorado Springs, Co.
working for the photo company DenMar Services that has
a contract with the
U. S. Air Force Academy.

She has been living the photographers dream.
She spent her days running from shoots of the
President and Vice President of the USA
to a General's retirements, to a swim meet
to a basketball game, gymnastics, volleyball, football,
forensics (yuck), parties at officials homes....
I am so proud of her:)

She moved her way up from managing the
studio for sit down/stand up formal pictures
to photog III to photog II.

But...huh...that wasn't enough for my
You may ask, "what did Rachel do BEFORE
coming to the U.S. Air Force Academy?"

My gypsy daughter sailed the high seas and rivers on
more than one cruise ship nationally and internationally
and river paddle boats
taking pictures and managing to make
friends all along the way.

Well, the seas have called her back and her
heart really wants to experience Europe.
Now, most people would take a vacation.
Rachel isn't most people as you are beginning to see.

She has chosen to leave the land to
take on a new adventure with
Norwegian Cruise Line!!

The U. S. Air Force Academy
was sad that she was leaving
but happy that she was going on
a great new adventure.

In the military the highest honor an officer can
give is their personal coin.
It is a rare and impressive feat to
"get coined"
if you are IN the military.
To have that honor bestowed upon you
when you are not and never have been
part of the US armed services
is an outstanding achievement.
Each coin is an amazingly beautiful personal
work of art
designed by each ranking official.
(You knew I would get the art connection in there of course:)
They are two sided and each is unique.
This one below even spins in the center
to show the other side!!
See this giant pile of compliments pictured below?
These coins stand for excellence in service.
Going above and beyond the call of duty.
Being inspirational personally and professionally.
These coins represent that these officials
would instantly enthusiastically endorse
someone with confidence.

Yes. Those are ALL Rachel's!
She had the honor of being
personally presented
by each and every one
of these officials
with their coin.
Many of them did so publicly,
proudly announcing
what an amazing person Rachel is.

I want to thank the entire staff at the
US Air Force Academy
for appreciating
Rachel Boettcher
for the wonderful person
she is.
You can keep up with
Adventures of Rachel
through her blog at
Life Sketch Photography.
You know I'll be bragging
about her again soon!


eighmmie said...

Receiving challenge coins is a HUGE DEAL! Congratulations to Rachel. This truly shows how impressed they were with not only her work, but with her as a person.

Patti Zantout said...

HOORAY for my beautiful and talented granddaughter. Rachel, there's no way to express how proud of you I am! I love you so much, sweetie and fully intend to brag about to all my friends! Mimi

Maryruth said...

I've sailed the Norwegian Cruise Line. They are very nice people. She will do well, Amy.