Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's a whole new world-mine!

For all of you who have heard me say-
"When I take over the world..."
Well, guess what. I have!!!
Simply Everything Boutique is up and running! Yea!!!
I am thrilled to say that we have some of the most beautiful art you are going to find anywhere and we have a lot more coming!
I've spent the last couple of days working with our artists to set up their fabulous work and painting the front windows so the public can easily find our place.
I'm heading out of town for the weekend but I'm sure the rest of the gang will be glad to show you around.

Other than that I am starting a new mural at Auto Lanes and surprise! It's NOT a golf mural!
Found a nice hypno cyber pal because of the blog so that's cool.
I'm working with artist Lois Perry to create a fabulous mirror for a client. She makes incredible over sized ceramic knobs for the Princess of Everything.
Jennifer Slater is going to create a designer baby boy's room that I'll paint some fun furniture for in her corner of the SEB store.
I'm working on a series of paintings that I will be using to support the Shake Rattle and Roll event. I'm going to auction and or sell a paintingm with all the money going to Joan Snyder to put on her event and the winner will get their choice of a second painting for FREE!
Stay tuned for that! There will be a short window to bid or buy!

Being an artist I am all about the pictures. You'll notice that they are lacking in my blogs so far.
I hope to remedy that soon! Pictures are worth a thousand words so you'll save a lot of reading my ramblings!

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