Sunday, June 7, 2009

Time flies

So.... I know you are all wondering...where they heck have I been? I get ya all excited about my blog and then I go MIA.
The time flies when you are having fun and mine is zipping by at lightening speed!
This will be just a quick run down of the last couple days and I'll fill in a bit at a time when I get some extra time. (Yes, I am still working on perfecting the manufacturing of EXTRA time and Bi-locating.)
I'm living several lives at once, some of which overlap.

Suzette Boulais with Arts Partners invited me to participate in
The One State in the Arts Conference.It was amazing and as soon as I upload pictures for you to see you will have proof for yourselves. Hopefully new surprises will keep coming from this event. Did you all see they great pictures in the newspapers, TV news and private websites? Incredible. So much more to come on that.
What? Can't wait?
Well,...maybe just a few hints. Cross your fingers. You might be seeing more of our progressive 4 canvas mural and 20 ft. Yes! 20 foot mural, soon, in a very public place.
New friends, commissions, bonuses! Whew! A good time was had by all...except Kathy who came down with the plague the night before the convention!!! She was still a hoot and worked her little fingers to the bone.

Store at Grand Prairie-Simply Everything Boutique... Are you looking to sell high quality art in a great location? Contact me! Rent, consignment or Vendor Saturdays available. A lot more on that soon too.

My Studio-Something Unique- I might be willing to share with the right artist. Could you be the lucky one?

This weekend was my niece's wedding, The Kate Meismer/Zach Waggoner Wedding. Fantastic! So much fun. Family came in town from everywhere!
That means my kids and grandboy came home...yea! Except for Rachel...:( Booo-hooo), along with all the cousins, nieces, nephews....
My grandson, Alexander the Greater, is here and so darn cute I could just burst! I'll have pics to prove that too! What a dancing machine! Check out to get caught up on the Adventures of Alex.

Chachke Designs is my daughter Sarah's blog and ETSY site that has super cool stuff. You will love her handmade gift tags. I am going to sell them at the store at Grand Pairie.

New hypnosis tips and Kinesiology Muscle Testing.

Happy Healers & Miracle Makers- It's not too late. Put your mind to creating a miracle for Dottie Weddle and family. Shane needs a job and a car. Dottie needs peace. Make it happen by concentrating on seeing it happen NOW! Thanks! She needed that:) I would like to concentrate on that one, one more time at 8:16 pm Friday. Pass the word.

Painters tips- do you know why I have Vodka?

New Mural- Stop by Auto Lanes Car Dealership. Pebble Beach meets Disney.

Junction City Art Show- Wet but amazing! What I bought and hope to buy in the future.

Okay fans- I still have one more day of Granny B-ing, so I need a couple hours of rest before Alex and I wake the sun up tomorrow mor....wait...This morning!
More details to come.
Comment so I know I'm not just talking to myself-again, or still....
I love pictures too.

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