Friday, June 19, 2009

Pain Bryant

Here is a rant I sent to the billing department of Lane Bryant for giving me a discount for opening a credit card account with them, then taking it away AND charging finance charges on a billing statement they didn't even send until it was past due.
Am I being unreasonable? Look on line for the other 21 people who said EXACTLY the same thing happened to them. Don't let it happen to you!!!
Help me find Brian P. Woolf -President of Lane Bryant so I can discuss it with him. I'd love a home phone number and address or Email for his personal account. I would REALLY love to talk to his wife!!!!
They done picked on the wrong housewife.
June 13th, 2009

To “Ms.Disputes”
Lane Bryant Billing Department

Enclosed please find a check for the disputed amount of $62.52. This in no way is admitting I owe this amount. I am paying this on the advice of my lawyers and will pursue this matter in court if need be.
I am hoping after considering all the circumstances of the situation you will send me back my check with a written apology and formal cancellation of my account.
Your dismissive letter stating YOU are done “investigating yourself” and determined that the charge was valid only continues to add credit to my claims that you are either knowingly perpetuating a scam or unknowingly, repeatedly, irresponsibly ignoring a major issue within your company. You admit in your own handwriting that there was a miscommunication on the clerk’s part. That would be the part where she told me the total I owed on my bill, that I paid, IN FULL, to bring my accout to a zero balance, as agreed upon if I signed up for your credit card. The fact that no one was willing to take responsibility for the “Claims” you (whoever you may be) are making, by actually signing this letter, only strengthens my case that you knowingly are scamming people who are too busy or not savvy enough to fight you.
Your new threat to “report my account as delinquent” if not paid by a date you demand again shows no interest in finding the truth of the matter and I consider that statement as harassment.

Please contact your clerk and store manager at the Charming Shoppes Outlet At Castle Rock, CO, to verify that every word I am writing is the truth about the situation.

The Truth~

My daughter and I shopped in your store 3/39/09 while vacationing. The clerk asked if we had a charge card with Lane Bryant. I said no. She offered a discount because I would be a new account. I again said no, thank you. She rang the items up and then told my daughter and I the amount we would SAVE by starting an account that day.
I told her the only way I would start an account was if I could pay it off right there in the store, that day. (verbal contract).
She assured me that was no problem. She then proceeded to rering the merchandise and we chatted about what a great deal this was for us. She had trouble with the register and asked the manager of the store to help her. We stood for 45 minutes of my vacation trying to be pleasant while they worked on this. They then gave us the same total AGAIN and assured us that everything was fine and settled.
I’m sure you can see why I am so upset!!!
I don’t hear from your company again until I get a LATE notice with FINANCE CHARGES. No monthly statement was sent until you added late charges, -sure sounds like a scam to me. Furious, I check the internet and guess what. I found 21 other cases JUST LIKE MINE, all complaining of the same thing. If I took the time (and I will) to really search for all the complaints I am sure it’s 100 times that. Add in all those who just didn’t pay attention or take the time to complain and I’m sure it’s 1000 times that number.
I can only imagine how many people you have done this to but I can assure you- I AM NOT GOING TO BE ONE OF THEM.
If you choose to cash this check instead of sending it back to me with an apology and confirmation of my canceled account I will be contacting:

Trans Union Credit
Equi fax
Better Business Bureau
My friends at your local news station
Thompson & Knight Law
Attorney General’s Office

I will then use every resource I can find to make sure the public is aware of what you are doing so you can’t try to steal from them as you are trying to from me.
I would think in these trying times you would be appreciating the customers who come in to buy $400 of your merchandise instead of harassing them.
YOU made the mistakes. Why are you trying to get ME to pay for them?
I can’t get the time back that you have stolen from me by making me deal with YOUR problems but I will be charging you for every minute I spend dealing with it.

Amy Boettcher
1317 W. Columbia Ter.
Peoria, Il 61606
(309) 645-3913

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