Friday, June 26, 2009

A table for two please

Be careful what you wish just might get it.
This was one of my mother's favorite sayings and one of the few of hers I can repeat to the public.
On this occasion, which was Father's Day, my husband had been telling my for quite some time that he really does want more of my art in our home. I spend 10 hours a day working at other people's businesses and homes creating amazing wonderlands and faux worlds to enjoy with whimsical life like furniture where the legs are, well, actually LEGS with feet sometimes! But for our's always on the to do list....until now!
My husband has replaced the fridge which made us change our counter which squeezed out our big kitchen table. We have been living with NO table of any kind in there and as a result our fruit and veggies have artistically been displayed...on our floor. HUH... Not so good in my view.
Now, there was no bird bashing with rocks of any kind but I did find a solution to Father's Day and food dilemma in one fell swoop.
Here is the result of my brainless storming and creative whirlwind.

Bruce and Lois Perry are amazing artists that I brow beat...I mean solicited... I mean..uuhhh...begged...pleaded...whined... to create an incredible whimsical industrial base for the bistro table top I painted. These guys are always gracious and cheery about all the demands I place on them and they really came through for me yet again. It needed to be an exact size to fit into our unusual spot and they did a fabulous job lickety split so I could surprise Tracy Father's Day morning with it.
He loves these coffee cups that he found at his addiction spot, Bed Bath and Beyond. I decided to use those colors to inspire the palette for kitchen decor. He LOVED it and has complimented me many times on the design, style and colors.

Things I love about this table:

It's the only one of it's kind.
I love the metal and wood combo.
I Love LOVE LOVE the colors of the rust that match the colors for the rest of the decor. I have sprayed the metal with a sealer so it stays at this stage and will keep it's color.
I love the gear in the middle. Bruce has an amazing eye for design with fun funky elements.
I love that my friends helped me create it.
I love that my husband loves it.
Let me know what you think.

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