Saturday, March 13, 2010

Boettcherass Band Family Jam

Since my famous musician son,
Nick Boettcher
has run off to Chicago
to hit the big time
with his band
we rarely get to hear him play anymore.
We REALLY miss that.
We are trying to get him to
come home to play gigs here
more often but since he teaches at
Ave. N. Guitars or plays every day and night
we've had a hard time scheduling.
So, instead of sulking around about it
we decided to host a
jam night at our house.
The Boettcherass Band Family Jam begins!

We invited a few friends and family
to come by.
Since the entire Prescott Family
is musical we were thrilled
when they said they could stop by!
Oh, here is Dr. Robert Prescott now!

He actually was the one to
recognize Nick's extreme talent
and encouraged us to get him
REAL lessons.
Rob actually gave Nick
his first guitar lessons!

Here is Walter and Rob
working out
some Irish tunes for us.
Nick jumped in on some of the Russian tunes too.
Nick can pretty much play anything with strings.
The mandolin was fun!

Rob's daughter Eileen came by to sing and play too!

I missed the picture of the Balalaika that Rob
was strumming but it's in the background there.
We met new friends.

Eileen has a beautiful voice as well as face!
Luckily there is no sound on this picture
(we know what we mean, don't we...ehehee.e.e)
The kids rocked out some pop, folk and rock tunes too.
Nick even played a new song that is still in the works!
OOOhhhh!!! First ones to hear it!

Some of us just listened, tap our tambourines
and some of us sang along.

This was so much fun we HAVE to do it again!
Get your spoons, nose harps and Zizzers ready.
Next concert coming soon!

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