Thursday, March 18, 2010

This is how we do it...St. Paddy's Day

Here is our traditional spot to start St. Patrick's Day.
My father was the chief Federal Probation Officer for many years here and worked out of this building. We used to get to stand our kids at the window on the 3rd floor and watch the parade in the warmth while other's screaming freezing kids whined outside.
Our kids even got to be IN the parade one year riding in my daddy's top down St. Paddy's Caddy.Everyone had their drinking sock on...

some of which actually came from Ireland.

Since I am allergic to alcohol ....
( I know! I couldn't believe there was such a thing either!)
I wore the non-drinking hat that actually came from Ireland instead.
I made up for the lack of drinking on my part by eating
enough for everyone.
Suza made yummy Irish cinnamon coffee cake!
(It's Irish cause we ate it at the St. Pat's Parade).

Here is where our clan comes from so I was liking this float!
Dad kept Karen from running out and
hugging her favorite float.She has rescued and is living with at least 6 Gray Hounds.
We are looking into an intervention soon.

What's a parade without friends?
Dee still works at the Fed. Building and
came out to cheer on her family in the parade.
AAAhhh...the good ole' days....
Dee, remember when they all dumped your
behind in the Current River during the
canoe trip? yea..ahhaa.a.a. good times.

Look! More friends!
They are discussing Suza's favorite float.
Yes. That's right.
The Popcorn Wagon.
If you know who owns this...
Suza will make them a deal!
Here is our lunch wagon!

By the time the parade was over around noon
we were more than ready to drink...I mean eat
our lunch!
Before we even got seated my famous dad
Gus Errion
was mobbed by his adoring fans.
We ran into Tracy and Vick Heuermann and family.
Tracy worked as a secretary for my dad
many years ago at the Fed. Building!

Food was yummy. Service was great!
Off to our next great adventure where we
had our traditional glass of
Wine and browsed and bought great books.
I never get out of there the first try.
I ALWAYS seem to HAVE to buy
more than one time
in the same visit.
Oh, you noticed a new face in there?
Yep, our parade grew.
Katie Roo!!! We missed you!
Suza and Karen still holding strong.

Off to our last stop!

We risked life and limb to get there.
There were about 10,000 people there
when we pulled up.
We worked off our lunch during the
hike from our
car to the bar.
Oh look.
How Far.
Sorry, Irish rhymes took over for a second.

We met up with more family!

Look how much Katie and Bob look alike!
They have the same smile!Jimmy's serves REAL beer.

Zach shows up to add the cool factor
to our party.

Still partying waaaayyy beyond the
Irish time of 6 o'clock.

This is what holidays are all about.
Glad to say we all had a crazy good time.

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Rachel said...

I totally remember being in the St. Pat's parade! We had those shamrock, uh, I guess you would call them smocks, maybe tunics? I remember liking the fact that I wore my coat, then could put on Irish spirit over the top, and still be warm. I couldn't be without the shamrock bobble headband though! Good times. I wish I could have celebrated with you! Glad ya'll had fun!