Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wednesday Night Family Feast

If you are wondering what I do when I am not painting and taking over the world,
here is a glimpse.

Meet Chef Tracy
as he is known in our household on Wed. nights.
(Other nights he is known as Jackass or Darling depending...)
He creates fabulous varieties of deliciousness
for my family to come together and rave over.
This pork loin was so yummy there were
NO left overs....bummer.
Yea....uuhhhmmm....not one of our diet nights
but the potatoes are worth carrying
all that extra baggage around
in my bee-hind for the next month.
The gift that just keeps on giving....
Because we are all so busy it's hard to
get together as often as we'd like.
Holidays are a big deal to my family
but we have noticed as the family has
grown we have less and less time
to chat between Santa Stockings
and Easter Egg Hunting
so this weekly family feast
has worked out pretty good.

It's also a nice way to celebrate your much MUCH
older sister's birthday.

Since Suza turned her birthday candle upside down
to make herself younger
we couldn't lite it
so we decided to sing the
the mini match.

We had to sing a really really fast version of
Hippy Barthday!!!!

Toasted old lady fingers anyone?
Can't go wrong with Wine and Chocolate!
One size fits all!Due to the outrageous over eating
that has been happening because
of my husband's feasts
he decided to buy a treadmill
to work off what we put on.

Everyone leaves happy!
I think we may have
a fitness night soon
that will include
tournament Wii play,
Karaoke treadmill race
musical chairs.
Stay tuned.

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Rachel said...

Man, I wish I could be there! It seems like so much fun!